Happy Three-Day Weekend!

Counting the clock until this workday is over. At 4pm I’m hitting the road with Lindsey and Wes and heading to Indianapolis for a weekend campout. This will be my 3rd Indy 500 – always an experience…

Last night I was running around getting ready, doing laundry, all the other stuff that has to get done before I could take off for the weekend. Around 8pm I started feeling guilty that I had skipped a lot of running this week. It was starting to get dark, and I knew Casey would hate it if he knew I went running alone in the dark, so I leashed up Indy and hit the pavement. I actually had a really good run! My first good run post marathon. It was short – only 3 miles – but I felt really strong and fast, and didn’t drag the way I have the past few weeks. So that was a good motivator going into the weekend of laziness and gluttony.

Next step on the wedding front is that we need to meet with a caterer. Once we have that firmed up, we’ll have our two big expenses covered, so we can see where we stand after that. I haven’t shopped for my dress yet – I’m thinking that will happen around the end of summer. I’m really nervous about it! You all know that I am the most indecisve person ever, so it’s so hard for me to imagine just picking ONE dress! Not that I need more than one, I just mean there are so many little details that I like in the dresses I rip out of magazines – now I need to make them all come together into one fabulous dress.

I’ve found from magazines and web searching that I reaaaaaally like the dresses by Nicole Miller. And surprisingly they don’t cost a fortune! Problem is, the closest Nicole Miller store to here is in Chicago. But I do have several Chicago trips planned this year (including the marathon!), so that might be a possibility. (MA* – they also have one in Winter Park, Florida – road trip on my next visit?) I’m also going to look at Saks downtown and see if they have any of her stuff. It looks great in print, but obviously I’d like to see it in person too.

Outside of MY wedding, I am getting super excited to be the maid of honor at Liz’s wedding on July 4th! It’s coming up so quickly, and now we’re getting to plan all the fun stuff like showers, bachelorette party, spa days, etc. I’m really nervous – my first time as a bridesmaid! But I guess I’ll be getting in good practice for my own trip down the aisle.

Back to work…