Pink and Grey Monday

In some respects, I feel like I have soooo much time to plan this wedding. But in others, I feel totally pressured to find things now. Recently I’ve been looking in stores and online for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. May is a tricky month for a wedding because it comes just as the weather starts to change. If I wait any later than this summer, all the seasonal dresses will be gone, and I’m afraid next spring’s dresses won’t be out in time for a May wedding. So the time is…now!

We’ve already picked our wedding colors – pale pink and grey. I love it. I think it will go really well with he look and feel of the Taft (reception site). So now I just need to find the perfect dresses to compliment! I (of course) have envisioned the perfect dress in my mind, which makes it that much harder to actually make something come to life in a store. I’m looking for a light grey dress that doesn’t cost a million dollars, and will be light and comfortable. The dress pictured at left is my dream dress, and is my inspiration going forward in trying to find something similar. Sadly, the dress pictured is a Donna Karan runway original, and costs an ungodly $9,900. For a DRESS! Donna can dream on, and I will do my best to find something similar on the rack. Keep your eyes posted for fabulous swingy grey dresses!

The other thing I’m finding in looking through bridal magazines and wedding websites, is that I’m slightly obsessed with buttons. I want to sew them on everything. Which is funny because I don’t know how to sew! Regardless, I keep finding weird button crafts that I want to try. Everyone can expect buttoned items for xmas, along with signed copies of CinWeekly:)

Lindsey and I have seriously slacked in the running department. We’re running today after work since we were lazy and didn’t run on Sunday. I added a whole bunch of new songs to my running playlist too, so I’m hoping that will motivate me to get out the door a little more. Marathon training will start in a few weeks, so laziness is limited, but nice for now.

This weekend brings the Indy 500! Always a fun weekend, filled with a lot of camping, games, grilled food, and keg beer…..and also a little car racing at the end. Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain again this year.