Happy Endings

I just saw this wedding cake on another blog I like. It was made by a lady named Edith Meyer in California, and if she wasn’t so freaking far away I’d ask for an exact replica (but perhaps do the white in light grey?). The kicker? I went to her website to see the original photo, and this cake is called “Emily’s Flowers.” So perfect!

My new goal is to write a blog post every day. I was told by some “fans” that there needs to be more frequent posting, so here you go! You asked for it, so you better read it. Obviously this goal does not apply to weekends, as my blog is typically written between emails, online shopping, and duties at work.

In somewhat wedding-related news (if you’ve seen it you understand), Lindsey and I saw the new Sex and the City movie last night. PAAAAAINFUL. Soooo good, but so painfully honest. It felt like a 2 hour emotional rollercoaster. No spoilers here, but let’s just say I was really excited to see Casey when I got home. And as if I didn’t love him enough, he had a pink cosmo waiting for me in the freezer!

Now that, is a happy ending:)