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    5K - 23:28

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    1/2 Marathon - 1:57:39

    Marathon - 3:50:58

    A Look Back.

Marathoning, Marrying, and MOVING.

Lots of updates to post about! Let’s get to it:

Running: Columbus Half Marathon – good race, horrible course. As described by Lindsey, we were unaware that this was a loop course, meaning you actually ran the same thing more than once – in fact four times. First half was good, second half was a major mental obstacle. That being said, I was determined to not let the heat and the course repetition get to me, and I fought hard to keep a solid pace and good spirits. I ended up with a great finishing time – 2:06:20 – a 9:39 pace! Each race, my goal is to have increased my pace more than my last race (not hard thanks to Huey’s shenanigans at the Blast). I felt really good about running this speed, especially for 13.1 miles! This weekend’s long run is 15 miles – ouch. And I have to do it on my own since Lindsey will be with her fam in Put-In-Bay – double ouch! Temperatures are expected to be 97 degrees, and I will have also moved a household’s worth of furniture the night before. Let’s just assume my pace may be a wee bit slower on Saturday…

Moving: Lots of moving progress! We finally have an official moving plan, and are no longer living in limbo. Our landlord agreed to let us leave this weekend and tie up loose ends, so yay for no double rent in August! I immediately snapped into action and started working on getting everything organized. The folks at Uhaul basically laughed at me when I said I needed a truck for Saturday. End of the month + weekend + 3 days notice = no Uhaul for Emily. Fortunately, Budget Trucks came through with a 10′ truck that we are picking up Friday after work. We’ve worked all week to move our boxes and smaller things, so that come Friday all we have to deal with is big furniture. Then we’ll have Saturday to clean the old house and meet with the landlord, and start settling into our new digs! The painting is done and the house is adorable. Every time I go over there to drop something off I get a little more excited.

Other Goodness: Wait – I don’t do fun things anymore! Just run and pack and work! Although it has felt that way recently, there are some fun distractions coming up. Tomorrow night – Kenny Chesney! Officially my favorite concert of the entire year, I literally cannot wait. Last year brought pouring rain and Riverbend hamburgers – who knows what’s in store in 2008:) Sunday night – Radiohead in Indianapolis! This is a Casey concert, and I am his lucky date. I’ve never seen Radiohead live, but I’ve heard plenty of it through Casey, and I think it’s going to be a great show. In other goodness-related news, a DLO reunion is in the works, and that makes me one happy lady.

Wedding: Wedding planning has been put on a temporary hold. With all the stress of moving, I haven’t been able to really think about wedding plans. I did, however find a few reaaaaally great websites, that are now my daily go-to blogs. Check out The Practical Wedding and a $10,000 wedding for some refreshing perspectives on wedding planning. I’ve been very frustrated with how crazy and manipulative the wedding industry has become. I just want to have a wonderful day with friends and family, and celebrate my happiness with Casey, without spending ten zillion dollars. I know we can do it, and I want to do it right, which is why I’m not rushing any big decisions. Lots of wedding updates to come once we are settled into the new house!

So that’s the general status of my life. I took pictures of the new house last night, but haven’t found my camera cord in the moving boxes. Pictures to be posted as soon as I do! Casey has been battling some sort of cold/flu for a few days, so I’m crossing my fingers that he’s feeling better soon (otherwise I’m moving this house by myself!)…

Dashing for the Finish Line

Today after work I’m heading up to Columbus with Lindsey. Tomorrow morning (at an ungodly 7am) we’ll be running in the Lifeline of Ohio Dash for Donations Half-Marathon. We were scheduled to run 14 miles this Saturday, and I happened to see this race fell nicely into our schedule! Figured it would be a good training run, complete with water stops, flat terrain, etc.

I’m a little nervous about running 13.1 miles, since I’ve totally been slacking in the running department. All the house projects and fence building have had me a bit distracted, but from now on I will be back on track. Wednesday I ran six miles with Indy, and it was hard. Not the most motivating run I’ve had, especially going into this weekend, but what can you do? I promise not to let any more side projects get in the way of running, and will move on from here.

Due to the above-mentioned slacking, I’m not exactly hoping for a PR or anything tomorrow. I’m really just looking forward to a relaxing night at 1060 with Sue, and that my body crosses the finish line in any sort of respectable condition and time.

And obviously I’m hoping for a kick ass medal to show off…

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