Dashing for the Finish Line

Today after work I’m heading up to Columbus with Lindsey. Tomorrow morning (at an ungodly 7am) we’ll be running in the Lifeline of Ohio Dash for Donations Half-Marathon. We were scheduled to run 14 miles this Saturday, and I happened to see this race fell nicely into our schedule! Figured it would be a good training run, complete with water stops, flat terrain, etc.

I’m a little nervous about running 13.1 miles, since I’ve totally been slacking in the running department. All the house projects and fence building have had me a bit distracted, but from now on I will be back on track. Wednesday I ran six miles with Indy, and it was hard. Not the most motivating run I’ve had, especially going into this weekend, but what can you do? I promise not to let any more side projects get in the way of running, and will move on from here.

Due to the above-mentioned slacking, I’m not exactly hoping for a PR or anything tomorrow. I’m really just looking forward to a relaxing night at 1060 with Sue, and that my body crosses the finish line in any sort of respectable condition and time.

And obviously I’m hoping for a kick ass medal to show off…