On the move.

It is hard for me to believe this, even as I type it – I am moving. Again. Why oh why do I move every $@#%ing year!?! Since moving back to Cincinnati in 2004, after a brief post-college stint living at mom’s house, this will be the 4th place I’ve lived (not counting Casey’s house, where I might as well have lived). However, Casey and I, after much deliberation, decided that our current house was no longer working for us. Aside from the fact that we love it’s great location, and the fact that we have great friends living several doors away, there were too many other negatives that were eventually going to have to be dealt with. So for the past few months, I’ve done my daily Craigslist rental searches, made phone calls, looked at ugly houses, etc.. We didn’t want to move for just any house – we’ve been waiting to find a house with at least the following requirements:

– fully fenced dogs-will-not-escape backyard
– driveway and/or garage
– extra bathroom
– nice kitchen
– central air-conditioning

Finally the search has come to an end. Aside from the fact that I hate moving, I am very excited about our new house! It has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a strong fence, 2 car garage, and much much more. And it’s less than a mile away from our current house, which Lindsey so kindly mapped out for me as reassurance that I could handle this transition away from being her neighbor. So begins the next few weeks and of boxes and chaos and disorder. I am determined that this new house will be spotless and organized come hell or highwater (or doggie bootcamp).

One of the things I’m most nervous about is seeing what the dogs think of the new digs. Sounds silly, but I really want them to be happy too. Especially Huey – he’s moved so many times in his short life. He deserves some stability! The new yard has less grass, but I think they will like the driveway and the firepit area, and we will like the fact that they aren’t running away once a week (like they are now!).

Still not quite sure when moving day is – either August 1st or 15th. Who wants to help us move, any takers?!? :)

Last but certainly not least, a blogger birthday shoutout to Knit One, Purl Too’s own Mary Ann, who turns 27 today. MA*, I wish I was going to be on your doorstep wearing a big red bow tonight, but since finances do not allow, I’ll be calling you from the lawn at Riverbend instead. Brad and I will both miss your boot-scootin self. Happy Birthday, lady!