I am not dead. I am just very busy! I was out of town all last week in Seattle, and this week I’ve been prepping for Liz’s wedding on Friday! So sorry for the lack of posting.

To catch up – last Saturday was Liz’s Bachlelorette Party. So – much – fun. I was the designated driver due to unfortunate travel arrangements, but still had a great time at the Lodge Bar with the girls. Here is a pic of me with the adorable bachelorette…

When the party ended, I had to drive straight to Columbus to be on a plane that left at 5:45am. NOT fun. But once I got on the plane I could sleep, and I met Casey in Seattle safe and sound. Seattle was COLD, but fun. I read an entire book in one week, which for me is a pretty big accomplishment. Casey and I enjoyed the hotel wine tastings, local coffee, and exploring the downtown area.

We got back from Seattle on Friday night, and rested to get ready for the Hyde Park Blast (a 4 mile run) which was Saturday morning. This has always been my favorite run, particularly because you can run with your dog. Ummmm not anymore. This was the worst race ever! Lindsey and I started running through the starting line – me with Indy and her with Huey – and I knew right away that it was going to be a disaster. The dogs have gotten so used to running with us during the week that they were determined that they were going to run on the sidewalk and not in the street like the rest of the runners. Love that they are street smart, but still very annoying.

We moved over to the sidewalk and I could see that Huey was pulling way too hard. I quickly switched dogs with Lindsey so she didn’t fall on her face, but my turn wasn’t much better. Huey wanted to sprint to the front of the pack of runners, and obviously my slowness was not going to allow that to happen. At the first mile marker I tried to start running faster to appease him. As we got to the top near mile 2, he was pulling so hard and runing so fast that his pinch collar was starting to bend, and I was getting leash burns on my hand from trying to hold on. At that point I made the decision that this race was a wash for me, and I veered off the course in the wrong direction of the finish line, and in the right direction of my house.

Three blocks later I got to my front door, threw Huey inside with a bowl of water (it was about 90 degrees outside too), and attempted to run back and pick up the course a few blocks away. Talk about embarrassing. People looked at me like I was just jumping on out of nowhere! I wanted to try to run fast to make up for so much lost time, but I was so tired from Huey dragging me for 2 miles that I couldn’t do it. Casey looked pretty scared when he saw me cross the finish line at 40:16 without a dog! Funny thing is, I still ended up beating my time from last year, which just goes to show how I slow I was then.

I was furious with Huey and refused to talk to him all day, but have since forgiven him. However, he will never be running the Blast again. Indy was the cutie pie hero of the day, finishing his race in stride with Lindsey, and actually behaving for once at the party afterwards (too tired to misbehave). Here is a picture of us afterwards. Thanks to Lindsey for my patriotic Bondi Band!