The busy blogger

I am a horrible blogger. I have neglected the blog, and blog readers. I apologize.

Moving on, let’s recap the weekend!

Friday: Work 8-4. Lots of playing online, writing emails, lunch with Lindsey. Zero work. After work, Casey and I cleaned out his closet and filled up a basket to take to Plato’s Closet (disgusting, but we are poor). Got the rest of our items ready for Saturday’s yard sale. Cookout with Casey and Lindsey. Yummy chicken, homemade slaw, and potatoes. Early bedtime.

Saturday: Up at the crack of dawn for the yard sale, otherwise knows as “that which we will never speak of again”. My mom was in charge of marketing and she definitley earned a big fat F for her efforts. Around 10am, when we’d had 2 customers, I decided to check out her signage myself. Casey and I drove to the front of the neighborhood armed with posterboard, tape, and a big marker. Imagine the horror when I saw my mom’s little crumpled yellow sign, totally unreadable, and very much the cause of a failed yard sale. We posted new signs, which instantly brought junk collectors, but alas it was too late. We made pennies, and were forced to load it all up in the car and take it to goodwill. Lindsey and I vow to never do another yard sale as long as we live. Horrible horrible horrible. But we did have some good laughs and got rid of a bunch of junk (that now I don’t have to move!).

After the “sale” (where nothing sold), we were onto the next project. Last weekend, we began the labor of love that is building a fence for my mom. And when I say we, I mean Casey. Last weekend we dug holes, poured concrete, sunk posts, and made way too many trips to Home Depot. Now that all the posts are in and the supplies have all arrived, the fence is really starting to come together! Saturday we worked on it aaaaaaaall day, until 10pm when we no longer had enough light to continue. Mom’s yard is much bigger than it originally seemed! I have fence-building pictures, but they are trapped on Sarah’s camera right now. You must trust me that the fence looks amazing, and was definitley the talk of the neighborhood all weekend. With Casey as the master fencer, and me as the lovely assistant who levels things and fetches drinks, we are considering starting Malone’s Fence Builders.

Favorite fence building moment of the weekend: 400 year old lady in the house behind mom’s slides her window open and peers outside for the first time in 5 years.

Old lady: “What is that? What are you doing?”
Me: “It’s a fence. We’re building it for the dog.”
Old lady: “Oh… I hate it!”

I mean, what? Half the reason we are building the fence is because her house is a hideous eyesore, and she does crazy things like shout from windows in her nightgown! Good riddance, Virginia!

Sunday: Mom, Linds, and I headed to the Burlington Antique Show once again. I think I might have all my milk bottles now! Got a few other gems for a new wedding craft project as well. Updates on that to come (if it is a success – if not, we’ll pretend it didn’t happen). Came home, showed the old house to lots of prospective renters, and then headed to the new house with Linds to paint the day away. All rooms are now primed, and there is one coat of Midship Blue on the walls of the office, as well as on 20% of our bodies.

All in all, a very project-filled and productive weekend. Definitely not relaxing, but I feel really good about all that we got done. More fence and/or painting tonight, as well as a 9 mile run! Thunderstorms are threatening fence progress and the run – crossing fingers that they stay away. This lady has things to do!