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    A Look Back.

And the bride wore white…

Big wedding update today. Exciting news. Huge, really.

I got my dress! It is perfect and lovely, and everything I hoped it would be, and I can’t believe I have to wait until May to officially wear it.

Rewind to Saturday. Lunch with my mom’s friend, Alane, who’s son was married last weekend. Approximately 90% of the lunch conversation revolved around wedding plans and details, and specifically the bride’s goooorgeous Amsale dress. After lunch, I went back to her house to actually see the famed dress, which was crumpled up in a garbage bag (paaaainful). It was so pretty though, and seeing it and touching it finally made me want to go try on some dresses for myself. All with a little urging from mom of course…

Earlier in the week I had heard about the designer tent sale at Bridal and Formal, Cincinnati’s big fabulous bridal salon. Initially I didn’t want to go deal with all that hoopla, but it was late enough in the afternoon that we decided to give it a go, assuming all the crazy bridezilla’s had lined up at 7am. Before Saturday I hadn’t tried on any dresses (too nervous), but had wasted countless hours at work browing dresses online and picking out my favorites. All in my price range, of course.

When we got there I was introducted to Betsy, my fabulous bridal consultant. I feel really lucky that I got someone so great. Last year I went dress shopping with Liz, who’s consultant huffed and sighed every time she wanted to try another dress – horrible! (Although she did get a fabulous dress). I immediately went and found the Watters dress that I had picked out online, and I knew I wanted to try on. And then mom, Liz, Sarah and I dove into the racks to find dresses deemed worthy of trying on. I was surprised at how ugly so many of the dresses were!

We found about ten that we liked and went back to try them on. I stripped down into my undies and lovely borrowed corset and got to work. First up was the Watters dress and I looooved it. Lots of ooooh and aaaahs from my peanut gallery. I really thought that was it, that was the one I’d end up buying. To be honest, for the most part I liked all the dresses I tried on, some better than others clearly. When we finished with our original group, we headed out to the tent sale to try on some off-the-rack discounted designer gowns.

I was suprised at how much was left since it was so late in the afternoon. Found about five more dresses and brought them inside to try on too. There was a brief moment where my judgement was sidelined by a $6,000 Vera Wang gown, about 80% off, but I snapped back to reality and immediately insisted it be taken off. It wasn’t the dress for me, I just wanted it because it was an unbelievable deal, and a couture dress. And it was a dress that girls love, and boys are scared of – lots of swishy fabric, irregular lines, and floral appliques.

And then I tried on the one. Sadly, I cannot describe it, as Casey reads my blog (at least he claims to, although I don’t think he’s ever commented…). I really want the dress to be a surprise since we aren’t seeing each other before the ceremony. Off all the traditions I’m happy to sideline, this is one that is important to me. I can tell you that the dress is stunning and perfect and makes me feel soooo pretty:)

I hadn’t planned on getting a dress on the first shopping trip. In fact, I laughed at the idea. But the dress was discounted off-the-rack, and I couldn’t afford it full price, and if I wanted it, it had to be then and there. For once, I made a decision about something and decided to go for it. No regrets – three days later and I still love it.

Next step will be alterations, as it is quite larger than me. I am sad that I don’t get to try on more dresses or shop anymore, but I’m reassured every time I sneek a peek at it hanging in our extra closet, which is averaging about four times a day. Check, check, check!

Marathon Meltdown.

There has been a serious lack of blogging in my life. I apologize. I think I’ve been too depressed to blog because I have to write about running – or lack of running – and that means I have accept what has happened this week.

Rewind to Friday – the 20 miler. Congrats to Lindsey and Casey for their great runs. Mine was a different story. Horrid. Seriously considered quitting after ten miles. Felt so nauseous and horrible and upset the whole time. My mind was ready to run, and my body felt like crap.

I finally got myself off Lindsey’s stoop after eating a Power Gel and drinking some Gatorade, and headed back out for another 5 mile loop. Of which I walked 3 miles. At one point I started crying and sat down. At another point I gagged and dry-heaved on the side of the road. Awful.

Finally finished in total darkness and low spirits, although I was glad the others had fared better than me. Went home and jumped in the shower so we could go celebrate at dinner. And then jumped back out of the shower and threw up everywhere. Now I don’t want this to be a gross blog, but it happened, and it has to be talked about! I’ll spare the details, but I actually felt a million times better once I threw up, so I went and got a big hamburger for dinner:)

Saturday I woke up completely congested with a terrible cold. Casey and I left at 6am to head to a wedding that night in Chicago. Stuffy and miserable, I slept in the car most of the way. The wedding itself was great fun – lots of yummy food, embarrassing dancing, and all the rest that comes with a wedding. I was filled with Dayquil and Miller Lite, and therefore felt okay for the evening.

Sunday morning – BAM! Stuffy nose, coughing, aches, chills – you get the picture. Slept the entire way back from Chicago. Got home to watch the misery that was the last 20 minutes of the Bengals game, and then dragged my unenthused body to the sports bar to watch the Colts with Casey. Drank ice tea and ate chili (really wanted soup, but settled for icky chili). Once we got home I couldn’t take the aches anymore and went to bed by myself in the guest room at 7pm. Did not leave that bed until 1pm Monday to crawl downstairs and look for food. Found oatmeal and settled on the couch to watch about 10 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress.

Went back to work Tuesday, but still felt horrid. Wednesday more of the same, with the cough intensified. Attempted to go running after work on Wednesday and could not even run one block. Ended up returning home in tears. I’m supposed to run a marathon in two weeks.

Which brings me to yesterday, when I finally decided to go to the doctor. Who informed me that really, there was nothing she could do as this was a respiratory virus, and that, worse, these tend to last at least ten days. And there should be absolutely no running until it is fully cleared.

Which means that I have trained 5 months for a marathon that I am now questionable to even run. My lungs are totally shot. And I’m missing all my training runs. Supposed to run 12 tomorrow – not gonna happen. I’m trying to take long walks every day to keep my body moving and active. I don’t know what else to do.

Drinking lots of tea, eating constant cough drops, and crossing my fingers that this passes soon so I can get in a few short runs before I set out on 26.2.

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