Luck Be a Lady.

A conversation I had with Lindsey last night prompted me to write this post. I think I am really lucky. And not in the “I’m so lucky, I have everything I’ve ever wanted” kind of way. (Although I do feel that way too.) But I’m talking about being actually lucky.

Here is a look back through my lucky past…

– It started early. When I was in the 3rd grade my school had something called Field Day. The culmination of Field Day each year was the raffle drawing. Every student in the school was entered to win 3 prizes – first name pulled got the first pick. That year the big prize was a HUGE stuffed dog, and let me tell you this thing was a hot item – everyone wanted it. First name out of the hat was…mine! Being 8 years old, I was so much more excited that everyone envied my stuffed dog than by the stuffed dog itself.

– Several summers ago, Lindsey and I wanted to go see Tim McGraw at Riverbend, but had just graduated college and had no money. They were giving away tickets on the radio, and I promised her I’d win them. The next day, I found out what time they were giving tickets away, listened to the three “name-this-song-based-on-a-3 second-clip” songs, and started dialing. I had to be caller ten. The phone rings and rings and eventually picks up – “B105 you’re caller number eleven, please hold.” Caller ten was a fool, and since I was a walking talking McGraw songbook, I won us the tickets! Yeeehawww McGraw!

– Last summer, Lindsey’s sister Katie was in Cincinnati visiting her boyfriend, and happened to be listening to B105 (again!) in the car. They announced they were giving away $500 to one of their listeners, if that listener called in to claim it within ten minutes. And then they said my name! I was at work when Katie called me screaming that I had to call the radio station. Clearly I was confused, but called anyways, and no joke, I won $500 freaking dollars. This was like 10am on a Tuesday. I never would have heard this on the radio. But I was lucky enough that Katie was in town and a good enough friend to call – thanks, Kate!

– Last November, Casey and I went to Mexico. On our way there, we got bumped off our flight and put on a different flight only one hour later, so really not an inconvenience. But for our “trouble”, we were given 2 round-trip US flight vouchers with no price limit. While in Mexico, on the last day of our trip, the hotel told us they were overbooked and looking for volunteers to switch to their other equally nice hotel in Cancun. We were happy to change hotels (free shuttle) since we’d get to see another part of Mexico. For our trouble? A complimentary 4-night return trip in a deluxe ocean view suite – all-inclusive food, drinks, everything. Let’s just say this hotel was not cheap, and for moving hotels for one night, we basically got a free $2,000 vacation (which we are going on next week!).

– We used our free flight vouchers to go to Las Vegas in March. When we got there, the Planet Hollywood Hotel told us the hotel was – what else? overbooked! – and they would have to put us in a different room category – an upgrade! My description can’t do this room justice, but let’s just say we were in the Steven Segal Panorama Suite! This thing had two bathrooms, separate bedroom, and a 2,000 square foot common area complete with pool table, wet bar, card table, and dancing cages – no joke. It also had movie props from all of Segal’s movies which was clearly awesome. When we left Las Vegas, we once again were able to offer up our seats for the next flight, and got another set of unlimited round-trip travel vouchers. We still haven’t used those yet (honeymoon, perhaps?).

– Just a few weeks ago, I saw a random contest on RitzyBee to win a free package from NameBirdie – a website that takes care of all the details of changing your name when you get married. I typed my name in the box and didn’t give it another thought. I got an email on Monday and – guess what? I won!

For some reason, other people lose luggage but I get hotel upgrades. Hopefully I’m not jinxing my luck for our upcoming Mexico siesta. In fact, we haven’t booked our honeymoon yet because we’re kind of hoping we get bumped from the hotel again, and get another offer to come back for free!

The thing about being lucky is – I dont want to abuse it. If I enter every contest, or try to win too much, I’m scared the luck will run out. So for now I’ll just wait for my next lucky opportunity. Just know that if you’re trying to win a random no-skill-needed-contest, and you’re going up against me? Chances are, you’re out of luck.