Sunday morning, I woke up and got ready to do my final long run of 8 miles, and was surprised at how cold it was outside. Clearly I wasn’t busting out the running tights or anything, but I couldn’t decide what to wear – long or short sleeves. I had made a horrible decision to wear long sleeves earlier in the week, and I shuddered at the thought of a repeat experience, especially for 8 miles.

I decided to wear an Under Armour tshirt (standard), but wear my favorite blue North Face zip pullover on top, and if I got hot I could always leave it in my trusty spot on the side of the road. Mind you, I have done this many times. Sure enough, I ran uphill all the way to the top of Madison, and as I headed down the hill towards O’Bryonville, I was all warmed up and wanting to lose a layer.

My trusty spot is actually the sign for the school where I work, at the corner of Grandin and Madison in O’Bryonville (I tell you this because it will never be used again). It is also a common stopping place on many of my runs, as there is a water fountain right across the street. So when I get hot, and want to get rid of something, I leave it behind the big brick sign on the corner, and then go back for it later. I bid my North Face goodbye and didn’t give it a second thought.

I’m sure you can see where this is going…

Later that day, on the way to my mom’s house, Casey and I swung by the sign to pick up the shirt. Except it wasn’t there. Casey was all, “What did you expect? It’s a North Face! Someone made a good find…” I was honestly fighting to blink away tears. I was so upset. Not just because I lost my jacket, but because I felt totally violated.

Now I realize I left my personal property on the side of the road, and like Casey, you might think I deserved to have it taken. And maybe I am totally naive and trusting and foolish. But I thought I lived in a nice neighborhood, where people didn’t take things that don’t belong to them, especially smelly sweaty things. I guess I believed in people too much, and thought we all had a mutual sense of property and respect, and didn’t walk around looking for loot on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

And to make it worse, I really really loved that jacket. Ironically, I stole it from Casey when we first started dating. And as it turned out, he had stolen it from someone else, after a breakup. And now the jacket has been stolen once again. I can only hope the smug bastard walking around in my North Face eventually has it stolen as well…