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    5K - 23:28

    10K - 52:35

    15K - 1:38:14

    1/2 Marathon - 1:57:39

    Marathon - 3:50:58

    A Look Back.

Oink Goes the Bride

Hooooooooooly crap. This just happened…

I am officially registered to run the Flying Pig Marathon on May 2nd. I am running 26.2 miles exactly SIX days before I get married. Crazy? Maybe. Worth it? I think so.

The snow and ice storm caused me to miss a training run for the first time since I started a month ago. Tomorrow’s long run of 12 miles will get me back on track. Getting my running fuel at Kyoto tonight, and enjoying a yummy sushi celebration dinner with Casey!

I’d really like the snow and ice to go away, and the temperature to get warmer, and to finally get OFF the treadmill. I’ve been doing all my runs on the dreaded t-mill for a month. Tomorrow’s 12-miler has to happen indoors, so I’ll head to the West Chester gym so that I can jump between the t-mill and the indoor track. Still, it’s not the same. How did I deal with this last year?

Oh well – ice, snow, cold, wind, rain – on May 2nd I will be ready. 26.2 here I come…!

A Day In the Life.

Yesterday was Snow Day #2. Woke up to lots and lots of ICE! Everything looked glassy and beautiful, and then the sky started dumping snow all over it again. When we got up, Casey pretended like he was going to go to work – even got all dressed up! – and then got our car stuck at the bottom of the driveway, and quickly changed his mind.

Meanwhile, I was outside reluctantly scraping his car off for him (bc I didn’t want him to go to work and die on the highway), and I saw two loose dogs running around. The next hour of my morning was spent corraling and leashing two giant yellow labs, and then running all over the neighborhood looking for their owners (no ID tags!). Finally found the poor guy driving around in boxer shorts yelling out the window, and returned his precious pooches. Huey and Indy ran away last year during the big March snowstorm, and I remember how scared I was. I was glad I was able to return the favor to someone else! (And I probably ran a mile in the process – bonus workout!)

Moving right along in our snow day, I decided I was going to COOK. Casey was feeling brave and agreed to let me try my hand at lunch. I picked out several recipes from Cooking Light, made a grocery list, and we headed out into the great white iceblock…

All bundled up and ready to walk a mile to Kroger!

Casey was nice and carried the heavy bags with all the cans.

And then he helped the neighbor tie his tree away from the power lines.

I was hungry for snacks while we were cooking, so Casey made yummy sour cream & onion dip. Eaten with the new super delicious Special K crackers.

Indy wanted to help cook, but was forced to stay out of the kitchen.

My lunch turned out to be a big success! We had homemade rasin and walnut bread, served with curried chicken and apple salad, and a hot steamy bowl of Mulligatawny Soup! And of course, a tall glass of Diet 7-up Pomegranate to wash it all down.

The rest of the day was relaxing and wonderful. We watched a movie, and eventually dug out the driveway so we could get a little exercise! Believe it or not, I’m on snow day number three right now, and I’m actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I have officially been home for too long.

Good thing I’ve got a Brad Paisley & Dierks Bentley double-headliner in Dayton tonight to look forward to – yeeeeehaaaw!

Big thanks to lovely bridesmaid Lindsey, for pointing out to me that today leaves exactly ONE HUNDRED days until our wedding. Down to double digits, people. I’d better get cracking!

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