Yearly Reflections.

I’m back! Apparently some people did not believe that I would really take a 2-week blogging holiday, so I apologize to anyone who did not take the warning seriously. My two weeks off were lovely and relaxing, and now they are over and I’m getting back into my daily routines. One being blogging at work, so here we go!

I thought I would give you all a (brief) look back at some of 2008’s noteworthy events, and a glimpse into what 2009 holds for me…

Looking back at 2008…

  • January – kicked off my year on January 1st with my first Flying Pig Marathon training run. Chosen as a CinWeekly blogger, which turned out to be an amazing experience that inspired me to start this very blog!
  • February – quite possibly my best birthday ever. My best long-distance friend flew all the way from Florida to surprise me, and I found her on my door-step wrapped in a huge red bow.
  • March – biggest surprise of my life. Music and candles and Casey surprising me with a beautiful engagement ring. I cannot wait to get married to him.
  • May – ran the Flying Pig Marathon with Lindsey! Never have I ever felt so proud and so loved.
  • July – maid of honor in (my best friend since childhood) Liz’s wedding! Her wedding was beautiful and I’ve never seen her look so happy.
  • September – second DLO reunion of the year! One of the most fun weekends of my year, filled with several concerts, a trip to Indy, a Bengals game, and a freak hurricane.
  • October – ran (okay walked) the Chicago Marathon. Horrible, but a good learning experience that changed my outlook on running and marathons. Raised a lot of money for Team LUNGevity!
  • November – fabulous, wonderful, relaxing 9-day vacation to MEXICO with Casey!
  • December – closed out my year with family, friends, and a new healthy outlook on my many years to come.

…and ahead to 2009

  • I’m getting married in May 2009. I think this will most likely occupy the first half of my year!
  • Despite others’ hesitations, I am running the Flying Pig Marathon again! Yes, it is six days before my wedding, but I have a great team of bridesmaids and friends, and a mother and future-mother-in-law, who will fuss about the wedding so that I don’t have to. (Amber – are there new pig bloggers!?)
  • My little sister and MOH, Sarah, is graduating from high school in May, and she’s off to college in the fall. How did that happen!?!
  • My great friend Leah is getting married two weeks after me! She and Greg are perfect together, and I couldn’t be happier for her.
  • I am working on planning a fabulous second-honeymoon cruise vacation to ITALY with Casey in the summer of 2009!
  • My big sister, Rebecca, is also getting married this year! I’m looking forward to traveling to CT for her celebration with Sam in October!

As far as actual dates on a calendar go, that’s about it! I love the unknown of the coming year, all the while knowing it will bring many concerts, visits to and from friends, dinner parties, and all the other wonderful things that fill our days and weeks.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. I did make one this year though, for those that like those sorts of things. My resolution is pretty simple: be on time to work every day. Sounds easy, but for some reason it gets me (and gets to my boss!) almost every day. What am I going to do to make my resolution reality? I’ve already taken step one and hung a clock in the dressing room so I know what time it is in the morning. Didn’t take a genius to solve that problem.

For all those folks with New Year’s weight loss resolutions – props to you for a healthy goal and I wish you best of luck. But get the hell out of my gym – it is WAY too crowded!

Two days down, and I’ve been early to work both days! My year is off to a good start…