I have been avoiding my wedding invitations for weeks. I have made countless efforts, all of which have failed, and had continually put them off and off and off. Finally, I committed to doing them on Sunday afternoon. (Note to future brides: there is a reason people create invitations for a living. Don’t try to do it all yourself – let these talented folks do their jobs.)

Sunday morning, Casey and I met with our minister to talk about our ceremony (!), and then after a quick lunch, I packed up all my paper and supplies and headed to my office to get to work. I started with one thing, messed it up. Moved onto another thing – messed that up too. After two hours of printing, cutting, and swearing, all I had to show for it was a whole lot of expensive paper that was now ruined and covered in blurry smears. I got very frustrated and had a small tantrum, deciding to give up.

In the midst of my fit, I got a phone call from my mom. My little sister, Sarah, had been in a bad car accident. She flipped around several times across the highway before hitting another car going full-speed. Her car was totaled and the other driver was taken away on a stretcher. By some sort of miracle, Sarah walked away with a lot of bruising and a nice punch in the face from her airbag. Thank god for seat belts.

Suddenly my botched wedding invitations, and subsequent tantrum seemed very trivial, and even embarrassing. The news definitely unwound me for the afternoon (read: sobbed the rest of the day), and the project was abandoned.

Who cares about invitations when – in a split second – I could have lost one of my favorite people in the world? It was one of those things that put it all in perspective. I love that girl more than I can even handle.

And of course, being the wonderful maid-of-honor that she is, she was driving home early from her weekend in Indiana, so she could help me put together the wedding invitations. Ugh.

At the end of the day (and hopefully by the end of this week!), somehow my guests will be invited to this wedding, even if I have to send a freaking Evite.

What’s so much more important is who is there, celebrating with me, and standing by my side. I love you, baby girl.

Bizarre side note, Sarah got into the exact same accident that Casey had in 2006, crunching up the back of the once-treasured Xterra. Same ramp, same slippery spot, same fish-tail and spin reaction. Can someone pleaaaase look into the Norwood Lateral/I-71S ramp?? (Since I know many public officials read my blog.)