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    Marathon - 3:50:58

    A Look Back.

The Local Celebrity.

This whole blogging business started for me a little over one year ago. Lindsey and I had already committed to running the marathon, made our running schedule, and started our first few weeks of training. Never ones to do anything in a small or simple way, we submitted entries to be CinWeekly Pig Bloggers – writing online updates about training for the Flying Pig Marathon – to be published through a local weekly newspaper geared towards fun, young people.

You can imagine the hysterical phone call I made to Lindsey at work when I got the email from Amber, a CinWeekly reporter, telling us we had BOTH been selected! We shared a public blog that was posted on CinWeekly’s website for about 3 months, and along the way we both found we really enjoyed it. We made a big fuss about being “local celebrities” and drove our friends and family crazy by talking about our blog non-stop. Blogging was also a great motivator for our runs, knowing people were counting on us to write about it, as well as a great way to connect with other runners in the community. It definitely opened my eyes up to the whole “world of blogging” that I hadn’t yet experienced or explored.

About a week after the marathon was over, and the blog had subsequently ended, I realized how much I missed writing. I decided to start my own blog (this one!) – more for my own benefit than anything else, as writing had become a new outlet for me to process, reflect, and relax. I never really thought anyone would read it other than a few close friends (and I certainly didn’t think what I wrote was all that interesting) but I’ve been amazed at the response my little blog has gotten over the course of one year. My site tracking shows that I get over 100 individual readers a day (for me – that’s a lot!). Which beg the question – who are all of you?!

A few weeks ago, Katie, another writer for CinWeekly (and blog reader – thanks, Katie!) emailed me to see if I was interested in being in CinWeekly again. They wanted to do a one-year-later follow-up story for their Flying Pig Issue. Clearly, I said OF COURSE! Katie and I had a phone interview, where I blubbered through some questions and did a lot of rambling, and later that week they sent a photographer out to my house for a little neighborhood photo shoot action.

The resulting article came out yesterday, and if you’re interested, you can read it for yourself here.

I am so grateful to the staff for choosing to feature me again, and even more grateful that they chose me one year ago, and starting this whole blog-ball rolling. Many thanks to all of you! (And thanks to Dave, for my new side bar photo!)

Next Friday is the one-year-anniversary of my blog. It’s also the day of my rehearsal dinner, and I doubt I will be posting, so I will take the time today to say – thank you. Thanks to all of you who have followed my journey from the beginning and for those who have found me along the way. You’ve given me answers, advice, many laughs, and most importantly – encouragement.

As long as I’m married, running, and tackling milestones – I’ll be here. I hope you’ll follow.

The Balance.

It is official. I am scared.

These past few weeks have been a total whirlwind. My fundraiser took over my life – evenings, weekends, nightmares – you name it. I was so caught up in making the event a success that I had to tune out the rest of the world, and the rest of my responsibilities for a short bit.

The day after the event, I took in the scene around me. My house was trashed, laundry piled sky high, wedding present boxes unopened all over the dining room, wedding checklists frustratingly placed on hold, etc. The only thing I made sure of during the chaos of “event time” was to not miss my runs or my workouts. I knew that wasn’t something I could scramble to fix if I neglected it for a few weeks.

So now the event is over, and I have entered the super-charged state of excitement and PANIC. Reader Vicki T asked me to write about how I’ve balanced wedding planning and running a marathon so closely together. Unfortunately, I don’t know that I’ve balanced much of anything, but here’s a look at where things stand, and the reasons I have totally neglected my blog.

The Marathon: Three days to go. To be honest, up until this week balancing the marathon and the wedding hasn’t really been an issue. I think that’s mainly because this will be my third marathon, so I feel like I know what I’m doing this time around. I’ve spent much less time scrutinizing my every meal, slurping Gu’s, and over-analyzing every run and route. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve still taken it seriously. I haven’t skipped runs, and I’ve done the right fueling and planning, but it’s been much more of an on-the-side activity for me this year. Last year I spent every Friday night panicked for my long run, and every Saturday immobile on the couch afterwards. But again, I think that’s just a matter of having more experience.

But all of that calm, relaxed attitude has gone out the window this week. Actually it started in Atlanta. Being there for Casey’s marathon made me realize I had my own coming up, and forced me to start thinking about it…which really scared me. I was a nervous mess before my 20-miler three weeks ago. I knew I wanted to try to run it at my fastest pace, just to see what I could do. The run went well, and my pace was good, but it didn’t really relieve my fears about how hard race-day will be if I actually try to hold that pace for 26.2 miles.

I am not worried about my body. I’m in great shape and I’ve done all my training. I am very worried about my mind. I’m running this thing alone for the first time. I’ve trained alone, so I should be fine, but 4 hours is a long time for me to be alone in my head. I am my own worst enemy. If entertain a single thought of doubt or fear, I will psych myself out and break down, that is for certain. It happened in Chicago. I am determined not to let it happen again. (My heart is beating faster just typing this. Hopefully I’m getting it all out my system now.) Casey will be running up ahead of me, and I’ll be nervous for him and wondering how he’s doing, adding to my anxiety.

I am still not decided on what pace I’m going to shoot for. Do I give it everything, and risk falling apart on Eastern? Or do I hold back a bit, and finish disappointed, knowing I could have run it faster? It’s between me and the road on Sunday…

The Wedding: Ohhh the wedding. Ten days. Tomorrow starts the single digit countdown. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to do so many things. So many of my great ideas and plans seemed like things I couldn’t do until the very end, but now that the end is here, I’m wishing these things were done! I just keep trying to remind myself that if I can make it all happen, that’s great. But if not, it really won’t matter. It’s really just coming down to the hours in a day. Every evening is taken up with last-minute meetings with DJ, photographer, minister, etc; last-minute trips to Ikea for various items, planning menus, planning grocery store trips, planning, checking, and more planning. I’m trying to get it all done this week so that when my friends and family arrive, I can sit back and relax and enjoy it. Planning events is what I do for a living, so I know what I’m doing, and I know what I still need to do. Right now, my days are literally planned out hour by hour, but that’s how I operate best. I have a plan and a list, and if I just stick to it, I can make it all happen. I have a wonderful team of friends and family ready to help the minute it is needed.

The one thing I can’t plan or organize or bullet-point is my whacked-out emotions. My sister emailed me her wedding website and I sobbed for 20 minutes. We picked out our ceremony music with the organist and I was the only bride of the bunch who was (embarrassingly) in tears. I tried on my dress at my final fitting an nearly passed out. Casey and I sat and looked through old photos and I was overwhelmed with tears and love.

My life has been turned upside-down and sideways, I’m not sleeping, and all I want to do is eat peanut butter. I am stressed about how much is left to do for the wedding. I am terrified that my mind will convince me I cannot keep running for 26.2 miles. I am checking weather.com at least 100 times a day. Vicki, I cannot call this balanced.

BUT – I can tell you this. Despite it all, this is hands-down the happiest I’ve ever been. I am surrounded by friends, family, love, hope, and dreams of a future that I look forward to every day.

Wedding chaos? Honestly, who cares. Running 26.2 miles? It’s 4 hours of my life – bring it.

I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

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