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    A Look Back.

The Honeymoon: Day Five

After a long day in St. Lucia, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing, eating appetizers, eating entrees, eating desserts – you get the idea. By day four on the cruise, healthy intentions were still there, but they were being tested consistently. While I will say I made good choices in the quality and type of food I ate, the same can’t be said for quantity.

We returned to our room after an evening of gluttony, to be greeted with a letter from the Shore Excursions Desk, notifying us that our tour for the next day was canceled. I was beyond bummed. Not only was this the excursion I was most looking forward to (an eco-hike through the rainforest to a secluded beach!), but it also meant that we now had nothing planned for the next day!

I pouted for a bit, while Casey waited patiently for me to get over it (sometimes a girl just needs five minutes, you know?). We re-grouped and decided we’d just do the day on our own, and welcome the opportunity to save some money. Which bring us to…

Day Five: Antigua!

We took our time at breakfast, since we didn’t have to rush to meet a shore group that day. We figured we’d spend the morning shopping and exploring the town, and when we were done we’d catch a taxi to the beach for the afternoon. We headed into town…

…only to discover that it consisted of about five blocks – so small! There were a few markets to explore, but we aren’t really the souvenir types. We looked around for 20 minutes or so before deciding to just make it a full day at the beach. So we headed back to the ship to change, get our books and towels, and figure out where the heck to go.

Dealing with heckling taxi drivers who speak broken English was not one of my favorite honeymoon activities. Everyone wants you to go with them and not the other guy, so they will say just about anything to get you into their cab. We wanted to make sure that we were actually being taken to a decent beach, so we hooked up with another group from Royal Caribbean who seemed to know what they were doing.

A nice 30 minute drive through the countryside of Antigua – which was very rural – brought us here…

Turner’s Beach! It was absolutely breathtaking – some of the most crystal clear water I’ve ever seen. There was a cute beach bar and restaurant, and cheap chair rental, so we were set for the day. We rented our chairs, laid out our towels, and didn’t do much else for about four hours.

Notice that the “sugar-free desserts” that I was justifying left and right as healthy dining options have started to take effect. Dessert at breakfast? Why not – it’s sugar free…!

The sun there was hot as hell, and no matter how much sunscreen I applied, it was one of those days where I just knew I was burning. But visions of blistering skin and peeling scalps were not enough to deter me, and I continued to lay there and sizzle. Eventually we decided enough was enough, and we took a short walk up and down the beach. Clearly needing nourishment after an exhausting day of doing absolutely nothing, I stopped by the beach bar for a fresh, ripe mango – delicious!

Our friendly taxi man came back for us (also a concern – how do we get home?) around 3pm, and we headed back into town. We considered having lunch in a local spot, but none of the menus impressed us enough to not just take the easy option – free food on the cruise ship! We headed back to the Princess, and spent the rest of the day doing the usual – reading, hot tub, trip to the fitness center, followed by endless meals and too many desserts. We set sail out of Antigua as the sun set over the island…

…and YES – i woke up the next day with a horrendous sunburn! All worth it for a beautiful day at a glorious beach.

The Honeymoon: Day Four

Okay I promise to get these moving a little faster (if for no other reason, so I don’t forget everything!). While life has certainly calmed down post-wedding, there has also been a lot of catching up to do, and many loose ends to deal with – no excuses though. I realize the honeymoon recaps are draaaaaagging along, but I can’t really do any wedding updates until I get my pictures back anyways, so you’ll have to wait regardless. In the meantime, you can read my lovely bridesmaid Mary Ann’s wedding recaps over on her blog. Moving along…

Day Four: St. Lucia

Each day started pretty much the same way – early wakeup, got dressed in some sort of new bathing suit and cover-up combo (did I mention how much honeymoon shopping I did?), and then off to the Horizon Buffet for a gigantic bowl of fruit, yogurt, prunes, and All Bran. Somehow we managed (every single day) to stay at the buffet juuuust long enough to end up having to race off the ship to meet our tour group.

Our tour for St. Lucia was called “Sea Kayak to Pigeon Island” so we had high hopes for this one. When choosing our adventures (man, I used to LOVE those books!), we tried to pick all of the “highly active” excursions. While we figured none of them would really be challenging or difficult, we thought we would at least try to stay active, rather than take air conditioned historical tours with all the grandparents. So sea kayaking in St. Lucia seemed like a great option!

We met our tour guide, Diane, who I loved. She was all sass and had a fabulous accent. I asked her if I had time to go to the bathroom before the tour started, to which she sighed and rolled her eyes and said “not really” – for some reason this made me love her more, so I accepted my fate and crossed my legs for the 45 minute drive to the beach – eeeek! When we got there, we hung out on the beach for a few minutes while we awaited kayaking instruction. A perfect opportunity to harass a stranger to take our picture!

Side note – it was hot as hell in the Caribbean in May, so I apologize in advance for the minimal amount of clothing worn in all the coming photos. To give you some perspective on the temperature, I even hiked to the top of the mountain in a bathing suit. Not the most flattering activity ever, but necessary for survival.

We finally got into our kayaks, and began the short trip over to Pigeon Island. While this activity was certainly fun and entertaining, it was not the “very active” excursion we were promised.

The highly anticipated kayaking, was basically making a large circle around an inlet, and then paddling to another beach about 100 yards away – laaaame. I didn’t really care though because St. Lucia was so incredibly beautiful. Neither one of us had been there before, and I will definitely be making a return trip to the island. After our highly physical (cough) kayaking adventure, our gracious tour guided provided us with some much needed nourishment (cough).

While it was totally unnecessary, I welcomed the delicious treats we were given! Fresh mango, bananas, and coconut – and I might add I ate about 75% of that coconut dish. No one else was eating it, I swear, and I didn’t want it to go to waste! Always thinking of others, right? The shortcake cookies were scary and made of pure lard, so we stuck to fresh local fruits for our morning snack.

Once we re-fueled, we were given the option to lay out at the beach OR hike up a very steep incline to an overlook with an amazing view – option two, please! Diane grudgingly led us up the hill (sighing and eye-rolling the whole way), where we were greeted with spectacular views of the Pitons, and neighboring island, Martinique. It was still early, so it was a little cloudy, but the scenery was still amazing.

Requisite forced couples picture.

The red roofed cluster of buildings on the right side was the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort.

Requisite picture of Emily standing in front of a sign (taken in every port!).

When our kayaking “adventure” was over, we thanked Diane and continued on to explore the town. We wandered through a few craft and merchandise markets…

…and also explored the fruit and farmers’ markets. I picked up a coconut in the market, and after an old lady sneered at me, Casey explained that people don’t want you to touch the merchandise. Geez!

The farmers’ market got our appetites going, so we wandered around a bit to find a good, local place to eat. As another side note, and topic to be addressed in detail in a future post, Casey and I are trying out a big of a vegetarian-ish diet. We are still eating fish, but no other meat-like products, hence my hesitation to use a label. I only mention this now because finding non-meat dining options in the islands was quite a challenge. Shredded pork and rotisserie chickens galore. Tofu – not so much. At least there was plenty of good fish, although finding it un-breaded and not deep-fryed was just as challenging. I digress… We did find a local spot eventually, and ordered the “steamed fish lunch plate”…

I don’t know what it was, but it was good! After lunch, we headed back to the boat to finish out our day relaxing and reading by the pool, and enjoying the beautiful view as we sailed out of St. Lucia…

Bon voyage, St. Lucia! I will be back!

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