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    5K - 23:28

    10K - 52:35

    15K - 1:38:14

    1/2 Marathon - 1:57:39

    Marathon - 3:50:58

    A Look Back.

I'm Not Dead.
I am not dead. I thought I might be for a few days, and dropped off the face of the earth for a bit, but I think the worst is over. But I am getting ahead of myself. In order to catch you up, I have to go backwards.
The Thursday before moving day, I took a break from work to run out with Casey and pick up our gigantic moving truck. He felt the 24′ was laughably big, but I was convinced it was not enough space. Here she is in all her glory…

The neighbors were thrilled. Thursday night we carried loads and loads, and pretty much emptied the house besides a mattress and a few necessities. There were some disagreements as to how the truck should be loaded, but I finally conceded and let Casey do it his way. We moved for a few hours, and were joined by some helpers who moved things, and treated us to a fabulous dining room floor pizza party.

Friday morning, I had to pretend to be a normal human who was not sleeping in an empty house on the floor, and headed to Springer for my last day of work. I might also add that for my last two days, I wore the exact same outfit to work – everything else was packed – whooops! My last day felt like it flew by (go figure!), and was much more difficult that I imagined. I was really overwhelmed with everyone’s love and support, and realized I was going to miss is there more than I realized. I was surprised at lunch with a little going away party, complete with my favorite – Bonbonerie carrot cake! Check out the awesome white chocolate message…
Leaving work felt really weird and surreal, and I got in the car and cried for a few minutes. Once I got that out of the way, I regrouped and headed home where the moving truck awaited. Casey has been working at home for the past two weeks, and on our last day he worked from this make-shift “desk” – a wash basket and two boxes of giftwrap!
While I worked on Friday, Casey was finishing up packing and organizing the garage and getting it into the moving truck. When I got home, I was informed that the truck was full, and there was still a lot to go in it, so we needed to UN-pack the truck and re-pack it in a more efficient manner. I resisted every urge to go crazy with the “I told you so’s”, and simply let Casey know that I was in charge of truck packing from now on. After hours and hours of UN-packing and then re-packing the truck, we finally got it all in there.

All that was left was a mattress, our clothes for the next day, and a few bags of loose ends. The dogs were really confused about the empty house – I felt really bad for them!

Around 9pm, we called it quits and headed to the new Green Dog Cafe in Columbia Tusculum for a delicious vegeterian dinner. Fueled for the move, we headed home for our last night at Inverness. We set the alarm for 6am, an early start to a big day! More tomorrow…

Written in the Stars.

I am sitting here at my desk today (for the second to last time!), and feeling very useless and un-helpful, knowing that Casey is at home working himself to death filling our moving truck and fixing up the house. Feeling bored and frustrated, I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I checked my horoscope. Now I’m not much of an astrology freak or anything, but when I saw what the stars were saying about me, my heart jumped just a little…

Pisces – Thursday, August 13 2009
If you only ever do what is sensible, you won’t lead a very exciting life. Excitement, at least in moderation, is enjoyable. So, how sensible can it be to deprive yourself of it? There is nothing wrong with an exuberant gesture or an adventurous foray. And if it goes a little too far? Well, there is nothing wrong with that, either. Better a bit too far than not far enough.

Totally great and encouraging of the move, right? So then I figured if today was that relevant, let’s see what the next month holds for me and my fellow February friends…

Pisces – August 2009
No matter what you do in August, a part of you will wonder whether you ought to be doing something different. No matter where you go, you will suspect you should be somewhere else. What can you do about this? No change of circumstance is going to bring about the elusive sense of contentment you crave. That blissful experience, though, is attainable. It merely requires you to make a mental adjustment, not a physical one. Relax. Be more confident. Give your all to each situation you find yourself in, and resolve to redress any apparent imbalance at a later point. You’re much more blessed than you know.

Blessed, indeed — and I promise you Jonathan, I know it.

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