A Weekend Away.

A short post today, and a break from my Charlotte sob-story (you’re welcome). I’m vacation blogging from my in-laws’ kitchen table in Indianapolis!

We are here for not even 48 hours to attend a wedding. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to come since my school orientation is also this weekend, but I pulled a lot of strings and harassed a lot of people at JWU to make it happen. It was so stressful this week to make the pieces fall into place to be able to come (finding a new dog kennel on a holiday weekend – UGH), and if it had just been for the wedding I might have given up and let Casey go alone.

But this weekend also allows me to spend a whole day with Casey’s parents, and tomorrow my mom is driving up to Indy and we are having lunch with my little sister at Butler University! The baby of the family is in college:( Now that we live to far away, I’ve realized I can’t take opportunities for family visits for granted. So I booked a last minute flight yesterday afternoon, and here I am in Indianapolis now!

But I am just prolonging the inevitable, and will back Sunday afternoon to start my culinary school orientation – gaaah! To say that I am nervous would be a huge understatement, but I am doing my best to go into this with confidence. Giving me a huge boost was the post I saw over on Meghann’s blog this afternoon…

“Here is who I’m following this week:
Marathon, Marrying and Milestones – When I first started reading Emily’s blog back in February she was in the middle of training for a marathon and planning her fabulous wedding. I should probably mention the marathon she was training and hoping to BQ for also fell exactly one week before that fabulous wedding she was simultaneously planning. Insane, right? Well she did it and kicked ass while doing so. This past month Emily and her new Husband made the life altering decision to pack up and move many miles away from their family & friends to persue their dreams. Emily is due to start culinary school at Johnson & Wales this month and I can not wait to continue to read as she embarks on this new journey!”

A million thank you’s to Meghann for the shout-out, for bringing over some new (Charlotte!) readers, and for reminding me why I started this crazy journey in the first place.

This Labor Day weekend ends my labor-less three week stint of unemployment. Starting Tuesday, I am a full-time culinary student, hopefully (finally) on the right path. I’m hoping that a good dose of wedding fun and wonderful family visits will be the perfect boost of love and support, as I start this scary adventure. Oh, and I’ve got a pretty kickin uniform too…

My goal for day one is to not cut off a finger. Wish me luck! :)