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And I’m back.  Again.  Yes I know I have been absent.  I have had what I will call my quarter-life crisis, but I think it’s over now.  And school starts next week and I reaaally want to be a good blogger then, so I’m going to work hard to bring you all up to speed.  So back to where I left off.

Did I mention before that my amazing little sister decided at the last minute to come with us?  Literally the day before we moved, she called me all “I’m not ready to say goodbye” – so I went online and bought her a one-way ticket home from Charlotte, in exchange for her offer to drive to Charlotte with me and help us move.  Totally awesome.

So I picked her up at 6:45 Saturday morning, we loaded the mattress into the truck and the dogs into the car, and we were off!  The dogs were like sleepy babies.  Jumped around for like one minute, and then immediately crashed back to sleep.

August 24, 2009 197August 24, 2009 198

This lasted for a few peaceful hours.  Sarah was a total champ, and stayed awake the entire time to talk to me and distract me from the fact that I was moving my entire life 500 miles away.  Not to mention that driving two 50lb. dogs in a Honda Accord is a daunting task for one person.

The dogs were literally like small children.  With the white noise and smooth ride of the highway, they would sleep peacefully.  But the minute I would tap my breaks and start to slow down, they were up and bouncing off the walls.  We realized early on we were going to need to seriously minimize stops if we wanted to maintain our sanity. 

We stopped four times total (I think), to go to the bathroom (my bladder shrinks to the size of a pea the minute I get into a car), and to walk the doggies along scary highway grassy banks.  I probably checked the prongs on their collars 100 times.  I was sooo worried they would come loose and go tearing off down the highway to sudden death.

Alas, no sudden death occurred, and we all made it safe and sound.  About an hour outside of Charlotte, Huey decided he had had enough, and since we were now off the highway and onto residential road, he was unwilling to sleep any longer.  Instead, he thought he’d spend the hour using his full strength to launch his body into the front seat of the car.  I spent an hour driving with one arm blocking his way, and Sarah pushing him from the other side.

August 24, 2009 203 Aside from the bit of doggie drama in the backseat, I would say this was my best trip to Charlotte yet!  It was so great to have eight uninterrupted hours with my little sister, right before she went away to college.  It gave us the chance to do a lot of laughing and story telling, and totally took my mind off the scariness of the move.  Plus since we were following Casey in the massive truck, I never once had to worry about my speed or direction.  I literally just coasted like this for eight hours.

August 24, 2009 204 We finally got to Charlotte and made our way into our neighborhood, where Sarah grabbed a quick shot of our beautiful street sign!  Home sweet home!  (Although that is not actually our house in the background)

August 24, 2009 205

We went inside and checked the place out for a few minutes, since I had really only been inside once for like five minutes before we rented it and drove back to Cincy.  It was just as I had remembered it, but this time it was empty!  And ours!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to put our feet up and relax, as we had a 24 foot moving truck to unload.  Wah wah waaaaaah.

Looking back, I’m not sure quite how we did it.  Load a truck, unload a truck, re-load a truck, drive for eight hours, and unload a truck AGAIN.  It’s one of those weekends that you just have to turn on the autopilot and just keep going

We hit our limit around 8pm Saturday night, with a few stacks of boxes still hanging out in the back of the truck.  But we decided to call it quits and head for food.  Dinner at Qdoba never  tasted so good, and we went home and crashed on a mattress on the floor.  Casey and I got up early the next morning and finished unloading the truck.  FINALLY, we were all moved in!

August 24, 2009 206 The rest tomorrow.  For real this time…