Double Dog Drama.

Little did I know when I titled the last post, “When It Rains it Pours” what was to come…

So yesterday I got home from class around 4, and let the dogs out of the laundry room (where they stay during the day), as usual.  I was annoyed to find several runny poo and vomit piles as well, but I didn’t really give it too much though, as they are both known to have occasional upset stomachs.  I let them out, checked my email, and then noticed that Huey had come back inside, and vomited yellow goo all over the guest room – lovely.  So now I at least could identify which dog was sick. 

Huey continued to throw up and act sick for the next few hours.  I was worried about him, but not overly freaked out since he’s been through this many a time.  But he really didn’t seem to be getting any better, and was also refusing his food – not normal.  Right around 9pm, suddenly Indy started acting funny, and got off the couch and proceeded to vomit all his dinner up.  Okay, now I’m worried.

I called my doggie-expert mother-in-law for a third opinion, and while I was talking to her, both dogs proceeded to have massive vomit attacks.  Clearly it was time for a trip to the emergency vet.  To keep this post to a minimum, I will spare you details.  But we were there for four hours, did fecal test, blood work, and everything else imaginable, while our poor miserable dogs trembled on the cold floor and continued to vomit and poop all over the place.  Around 1:30am, and several long conversations with the wonderfully nice doctor, we decided to have them both hospitalized for IV drugs, fluids, and 24-hour monitoring.  They were both in really bad shape. 

We left the vet at 2am without our dogs, and with a $1,300 (minimum) estimate.  Wow.  I couldn’t even think about it, or I would have started vomiting on the office floor too.  You never plan to have to take pets to the emergency vet, but in my wildest worst-case-scenarious, I never envisioned having to take and admit them both.  And let me tell you there is no double dog discount.  Just double the emotional hysteria and financial suckerpunch. 

I got in bed around 2:30, and set the alarm for 5am to go to class.  Not the recommended way to recover from a week-long flu.  I’ve checked in with the vet several times today, and it sounds like both dogs are slowly getting better.  Indy is perking up faster than Huey, but Huey was much worse off from the very beginning, so I’m not too surprised.  We’re waiting to see if they will eat their lunch and keep it down, and hopefully they can come home tonight with take-home meds. 

Here’s the real kicker. 

The vet couldn’t figure out what was causing them to be so sick – none of the tests gave any indication of what they might have ingested.  They both went to a doggie daycare yesterday for a “preview day” for this weekend, so it’s possible they picked up something there (and they will not be going back!).  We wracked our brains to think of something that could have happened, and we mentioned that we have a big woodsy yard that they are always prowling around in.  And guess what she thinks might have caused all this?  Yep…


Apparently they are major carriers of salmonella, and she thinks they might have come into contact (or eaten, ew) turtle poop, which apparently can make them very very sick.  Un-freaking believable.  So basically we moved to Charlotte looking for houses with the perfect yard for our dogs who like to run.  We found them a huge one-acre wooded yard we thought they would love, and now I never want to let them out again.  Assuming they both pull through this and can come home safe and sound, the plan is for a lot of WALKS, until we figure out the next solution.

Tomorrow afternoon I am getting on a plane at 2pm for my big sister’s wedding.  I am unbelievably excited for the wedding and the weekend, but am also dying with anxiety about the dogs being here in Charlotte while they are so sick.  Luckily this hospital also does boarding, so i think we’re going to take that option so that they are in good hands in case something else goes wrong.

Such a scary and emotional evening, and all I want is a nap and my doggies back home with me to snuggle with.  Crossing my fingers for a happy ending, going into what should be a very happy and festive weekend.  I wrote on facebook earlier this week, “you never know how annoying your dogs are until you have the flu.”  I’d like edit that – “you never know how much you love your dogs until you have to drive home without them.” 

Here’s hoping they are home safe and sound tonight to annoy me all night long.

 Hurry home, boys.  :(