The First Visitor.

I am literally counting the minutes.  The famously fabulous Lindsey is en route to Charlotte as we speak, and I can’t wait for her to get here!  It’s been almost a month since I’ve seen her and I’m so excited to show her around Charlotte (the little bits I know so far!).  Plus she is our first Charlotte visitor (hopefully of many…?), and I’m excited to have her see our house in person, snuggle the doggies (who love her), and do a whole lot of nothing – sit on the porch and talk for hours.

Speaking of our house, did I ever post pictures here?  I know I put some on facebook, but I dont know that I ever showed the finished product on the blog!  Without further adieu…

August 27, 2009 059 August 27, 2009 038 

Left: pretty dining room table that we eat on every single day.  And it has a really great pass-through window from the kitchen where I try to get Casey to “play restaurant” with me.  I am not a grown up.

Right: Gigantic bedroom.  This is actually a pic from a few weeks ago – since then we got a big new fluffy queen sized bed (same bedding though).  It’s so nice to finally have a carpeted bedroom!

August 27, 2009 041  August 27, 2009 052

Left: long shot of our living room / dining room / kitchen combo first floor!  It is so nice to have an open floor plan.  It’s a really great entertaining house – so open and spacious.  (If only we knew people in Charlotte to entertain…)

Right: my workspace with my little Acer netbook that I so adore.  This is where I blog every day!  Notice I have my nameplate from my old office up – haha.  I also have a kick ass heated massage chair that I use daily (thanks for making me buy that, Tina!). 

August 27, 2009 055 August 27, 2009 057

Left: View from the inside of the kitchen.  It has this amazing island-stove where I claim I am going to film cooking demos.  Sometimes I put the netbook on the island above the stove and read recipes off of it, or Skype with my sister while I cook.  I also do my homework at this counter – great lighting!

Right: View of the rest of the kitchen, and a tiny yellow dog sunning himself.  Those double doors lead out onto our screened-in porch, overlooking the woods.

September 2009 003 September 2009 007

Left:  and speaking of the woods, here they are!  Our big beautiful backyard, surrounded by other houses filled with dogs on all sides.  It is a regular chorus of barking and howling around here.

Right:  the screened-in porch!  So nice to relax on.  Still hoping to fill those planters with fresh herbs, but fearing I may have missed my summer window.

September 2009 002September 2009 012

Left:  HOT TUB!  This picture was taken right after we got back from a long run, when I plunged straight in wearing my sports bra and underwear.  Casey called me white trash:)

Right:  gratuitous doggie pic, just because.  There was a second exactly the same dog beg right next to this one, but of course they had to both cram into one. 

So that’s our house!  Or at least some of it.  It is much bigger than we need, but I love it.  I just wish it wasn’t quite so far out in the ‘burbs, but we’re making it work.  I have definitely realized how spoiled I was by my 2 mile “commute” back in Cincy.

Backing up to yesterday, here’s what went down in FFP class yesterday…

September 2009 142 September 2009 143

Left:  We were tested on our sauté technique yesterday, and I am proud to say I got a 99!  One point deducted because my sauce was a tad runny, and I knew it was, but I was afraid to put it back on the stove and end up burning it, ruining the flavor. 

Right:  Chelsea struck a pose in her hot culinary uniform.

September 2009 145 September 2009 149

Left:  We were also “tested” on eggs, and I was supposed to make one that was over light.  I was totally stressed out about this, and at the end of class he said he wasn’t going to grade them, so my stress and worry was pointless.  Lovely. 

Right:  Jessica made some delicious cornbread, so I took some extra home to Casey in a baggie!

September 2009 150 September 2009 151

Left:  One of the things on the menu for Thursday was a salad bar, so I was actually able to eat in class – yay!  Instead of the heavy oil-based dressing they made, I grabbed the bottle of balsamic vinegar out of the cabinet and used that – yum!

Right:  More desserts delivered.  Carrot raisin cake with a frozen cream cheese icing and caramelized fruit on the side.  These looked yummy.

September 2009 158

And finally, the bicep is healing nicely.  It has really hurt while it has healed, lots of pulling and stretching of skin, and  peeling.  But I’ve been adamant that I would not pick at it and do something to cause a huge scar, so I’ve kept it covered with neosporin and band aids all week.  Crossing fingers for no lasting scars!

And now I’m off to run a few errands, go to the gym, and try to occupy myself until Lindsey gets here!  Obviously she wanted to visit anyways, but her visit was sealed  on the calendar when I discovered that one of our favorites was coming to Charlotte this weekend.  We are headed to see the completely amazing Indigo Girls tonight at the Fillmore Charlotte, where we will sing at the top of our lungs, cry uncontrollably, and dance in our flannel.  Sounds like the perfect Friday night to me!