An Early Christmas Toy.

I’ve never been a big fan of waiting.  I also hate surprises.  I think the two go hand in hand.  Once I know something is up, I have to know what it is immediately – patience is not my strong suit.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been complaining about my old camera for some time now, so I practically jumped around the room when Casey told me that his parents wanted to get me a new one for Christmas.  Even better, they were going to get it for me in Indianapolis and not make me wait until Christmas – hurrah!  I spent days and days on end reading Consumer Reports, photo blogs, customer reviews, etc. – trying to find the perfect camera for me.

First I debated camera style – SLR or point and shoot?  To be honest, I really want both, but ultimately I decided that I really good point and shoot would be best for now, until I learn more about the SLR’s and how to use them.  My plan is to save up for one throughout the year, and think about it again down the road.  One decision down, many to go.  Decisions are also not a strong suit…

In researching point & shoots, I found two that I liked, the Canon Powershot G11 and the Canon Powershot SX120 – different levels of features, and different levels in price.  After showing them both to Tina, she suggested I go with the higher level camera, and we’d call it a Christmas/Birthday present – SOLD! 

Blog world, I present to you, the Canon Powershot G11, arguably the most advanced point & shoot camera in the market today…

November 614

November 615

I took these pictures in the mirror, since I couldn’t bear to go back to the Casio once I started with the G11 – so pardon the backwards camera and mirror reflection!  It has a million features I won’t list and bore you with, but one of my favorites is that it has manual controls as well as automatic settings.

As soon as I got it, Casey and I went to Starbucks where I ran around taking pictures of everything in sight…

November 556  November 579

When we got home, I chased Bugs and Ruthie around the house with my new camera.  They were very patient (and photogenic!) models…

November 570   November 599

This camera gets so much more detail than I’ve ever been able to capture before.  I can’t wait to get home and get cooking so I can post some great FOOD photos!

November 642   November 643

I couldn’t believe I was even able to focus in on Casey’s ring inscription – so cool!

November 577   November 603

November 591   November 606

It take super wide screen shots too…

As I’m sure you can tell, I am sooooo excited for this wonderful early gift, and even more excited that I don’t have to wait for it!  Thank you thank you Tina and Eddie! 

Welcome G11, I’ve been waiting for you…

November 616