Five Days, Six States.

Home sweet home, and I have been enjoying all the things I have missed so much in Charlotte.  First up – RUNNING!  Sunday afternoon I went for a short 5 mile run around my old favorite loop, but I was anxious to get back home to my family and cut it short.

Tuesday afternoon everyone was working, and I was left with a lot of free time.  I figured I’d take advantage and head out for a run.  It was SO COLD – I went from running in Charlotte in shorts and a tank top to running in Cincinnati in spandex pants and a North Face – brrrr.  But I forced myself out the door anyways, and was soooo glad I did.  I ended up having a really good ten mile run, covering all sorts of my old favorite turf – my family’s old house, my apartments with Lindsey, I passed my church, my old job – and so much more.

After a great run, I felt I deserved a great reward, right?  My mom, and Lindsey and I went out to a yummy dinner, and stopped afterwards to visit Sarah at work, and enjoy one of Cincinnati’s finest…

November 449

YAGOOT!  The best tangy yogurt ever, in the best flavor ever – PUMPKIN!  I got mine with blueberries and sprinkles and destroyed it in about two minutes flat.  Sarah is a college freshman so by nature she is totally poor, so she signed on to work her Thanksgiving break back at the ‘goot to make some extra money.

November 451

It has been so fun being at home together for our Thanksgiving breaks.  We are so close and have so much fun together, and I miss being able to pop in and visit her whenever I want.  Back at home, the Holcombe Zoo was keeping things interesting, and making for some very restless nights of sleep for me.  I am not used to waking up with cats on my face anymore!

November 459November 472  

Tuesday night, we met for Ladies Dinner, which was our monthly tradition before I moved away.  (Of course the three of them still do it without me now that I’m in Charlotte, but I try not to think about that.)  We all met at the Green Dog Cafe, which is a fabulous new, organic/local place that opened in Cincinnati just before I left (of course).  They have lots of delicious vegetarian options, and really unique menu items.  I got a cup (which was gigantic) of the Vegetarian Chili, that came with this delicious homemade bread too.

November 476 November 477

For dinner I got the French Poodle, which was “warm french green lentils with apple compote and crème fraiche.”  It was also served with socca, which they told me was a chickpea pancake – yum!

November 478

It was a lot more food than I expected, and for once I didn’t clear my plate (which seriously never happens!).  We sat and talked and caught up for a long time, and enjoyed all the yummy food.  It was so fun to be with my old friends again.

November 480

After dinner I headed to Anthropologie for the employee appreciation 40% off sale, and I bought a fabulous dress for $17  – score!  Then we went to Lindsey’s for an old roommate tv date night and watched our favorite – The Biggest Loser.  When I got home, the crazy cat lady was in full swing…

November 482

And actually there was a third cat on the chair who jumped down before I could whip out my camera.  And Bosley was right under the ottoman, just out of picture range.  When I got up this morning, I started packing, reading to hit the road to Indianapolis for the next phase of my Thanksgiving break.  Before I left Sarah and I hung out and played on our computers together, like the twin dorks that we are…

November 488

When it was time to leave, Bosley tried to play dead and convince me not to go…

November 485

But I had to hit the road to make it to the Indy airport to get Casey, so I gave him a belly rub and was on my way.  Since Saturday I’ve been in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio…

INDIANA, here I come!