Florida Wedding Weekend (Part 1)

Sorry blog friends – it’s finals week around here, and I’ve been crazy busy.  Let’s catch up!  Backing up to last weekend…

I hopped in the car at 4:30am on Friday, and headed south to Jacksonville, Florida – where MaryAnn, one of my nearest and dearest, was getting MARRIED!  Six hours by myself in the car was long.  I enlisted the help of my good friends coffee and sugar-free Rockstar to get me there.  The further I drove, the warmer it got, and I was beyond excited when I reached the Florida state line!

 November 045 November 048

My timing worked out perfectly, and I pulled up to the JAX airport just as Lindsey’s plane landed – together again!  The two of us high-tailed to MaryAnn’s where the beautiful bride was waiting for us with a list of wedding tasks.  After a few hugs and a quick tour of her house (which we had NEVER seen!), the wedding party got down to business.

November 049 November 054

Much to her horror, Lindsey was forced to pipe cookies AGAIN!  Lets not forget that she handmade about 200 silhouette cookies for my wedding – a true friend.  Lindsey, we promise to hand pipe your entire reception when you get married!  :)

November 056November 053  

I worked on rolling out silverware and organizing it into these cute little bins.  Mary Ann popped popcorn, the groom carved their home-made funfetti wedding cake, and we had a great time just catching up and hearing all the wedding details and plans.  Once the work was done, we headed out for some pre-wedding pampering!

 November 061 November 063

The bride and the MOH thought that Sparks and pedicures would go well together, so we made a quick pit stop.  While our manis and pedis were nice and relaxing, they took forreeeeeever, and we had a million other things we needed to do!  THREE hours later, we left the salon pampered and polished, but also stressed and running late!  We rushed back to Mary Ann’s house and had to make the sad decision to split up in order to get everything done.  Linds and MA headed to the venue to drop off supplies, and I headed back to JAX to pick up Blake.  But first I had to get past this…

November 064 November 066

For someone that claimed cat allergy in college, this girl has a LOT of cats!  I consider myself to be a big cat person, but this was a lot for even me!  Once I battled my way out the door, we finished up our pre-wedding tasks and all met back up at the hotel.  It was almost 8pm at that point, so we quickly changed and got ready for a night on the town!

November 068 November 069

The four of us had a delicious dinner in adoooorable downtown Fernandina Beach – such a great little town!  Casey ended up having to work on Friday, so he wasn’t there yet, and I convinced Blake to share an entree of sushi with me in his absence – score!  Thanks, Blake!  And actually – double thanks to Blake who whipp
ed out his discover card at the end of the meal as a pre-wedding treat to the bridal party trio – SO nice!  After dinner, Mary Ann was ready for one last night out as a single lady…

November 074

This scary guy tried to talk her out of it, but she resisted.  Our first stop was The Laughing Mermaid (is that right?) – which was a cute, quaint little bar attached to an old inn.  Many rounds of cocktails and club soda (for me!) were ordered, and we have fun reminiscing about college days and catching up on the latest college facebook gossip.  Next we headed to the Palace Saloon, which is the oldest bar in all of Florida!

November 075

Blake decided to drink straight bourbon on ice all night, thus earning the nickname Bourbon Blake.  We love him anyways… :)  It’s a totally different experience going out with my friends now that I don’t drink.  The great part is, I’ve found that I still have a lot of fun going out with them.  Even sober, I still have a great time laughing, dancing, and all that good stuff.  And I think I am still fun to be out with, not the sober downer.  Hopefully they think so too! 

November 079

Lindsey and Mary Ann tried to teach Bourbon Blake how to do the Cupid Shuffle, so that he would be adequately prepared for the reception the next night.  Around 12:30, I risked being the party pooper and pointed out to the bride that it was probably time to head back for our beauty rests.  She agreed, and our gang headed back to the Hampton.

November 085

There was another hold up outside of the bar, but we escaped and made it safely back to the hotel.  As soon as we got to the lobby, all hell broke loose – climbing on desks, stealing the bell off the counter, a luggage cart pole dance (that made me literally cry I laughed so hard)…  Various drunken antics that definitely had me convinced we were going to be asked to leave the hotel.

 November 088 November 089

After snapping a few quick pics of their shenanigans, I herded the group into the elevator so that we could at least be ridiculous in the privacy of our own suite. 

November 091 November 092

As is typical of the three, a dance party ensued.  If you have a balcony, you have to dance on it, right?  The DLO loves some Party in the USA…

November 098

I laughed reaaaaaally hard, took pictures, sang along, and eventually we were all ready to call it a night.  I was out the minute I hit the pillow, and we were up bright and early for the WEDDING DAY!!

Wedding day recaps to come tomorrow – I PROMISE!  :)