Saturday Night Surprise!

Saturday night, after I recovered from the car trip at my mom’s house for a bit, I headed to Lindsey’s to get ready for our big night out!  It was so fun to get ready over at her place – it felt like the old days when we lived together for so many years.  We blared the new Lady Gaga cd that Lindsey scored before it was released (love!), shared makeup, complained about how we looked – all the usual stuff.  Then we headed out to meet my mom at Bankok Bistro for her birthday dinner!

I was starving from being on the road all day without much food, so I ordered a giant plate of vegetable and tofu thai spicy brown sauce with brown rice – delicious!  This plate was too large even for my giant appetite though, and I took the rest home to enjoy later.  After dinner, Linds and I were off to Mt. Adams!

Over a month ago, we got a Facebook message from our good friend Leah’s sister, telling us that her husband was planning a SURPRISE 29th birthday party for Leah!!  Imagine my excitement when I realized I could actually come home for this, and be there for all the fun!!  Hearing about the party solidified my plan to head home early to Cincinnati, and I told Sarah and Greg that I would be a surprise long distance guest!

Linds and I were running late from dinner, so we raced to Tavern on the Hill in Mt. Adams and luckily got there in time to beat the big surprise!  We were soooo nervous once we got the text that they were on their way…

November 415 November 416

Leah was TOTALLY surprised and in shock!  It was so much fun to be there and be part of such a fun celebration.  At first she was kind of nervous and not sure what to do, since she had planned on going home and watching a movie, and was suddenly surrounded by tons of friends from work, high school, college – all sorts of people that were ready to help her celebrate the big two-nine.

November 417 November 418

Her sister Sarah brought delicious mini cupcakes (mine was peanut butter – YUM!), and for the first hour or two we just talked and caught up and had a good time relaxing and enjoying our drinks (club soda with lime – yum!). 

November 423 November 424

The next thing we knew there was a DJ setting up on a tiny stage next to us, which could only mean that one thing – dance party time!  Now keep in mind that this place was basically a restaurant, not a bar.  Never to be stopped though, Leah’s friend Meghan immediately enlisted the DJ to help her start moving tables out of the way, literally creating a dance floor in the middle of this restaurant.  Classic.

November 426November 386 

Not only did we take over the place and create a dance floor, we also had a personal private DJ since this place had about 20 people in it total.  The birthday girl could hear any song she wanted, which resulted in a lot of fun and a lot of dancing.  Linds and Leah discussed what songs they would want to hear next, and Lindsey went with her favorite – a line dance of course – the Cupid Shuffle…

November 428 November 429

I love dancing, but the line dance is just not my thing.  So I cackled with laughter and took pictures from the side :)  At one point Leah asked the DJ to play songs from when we were in college, so he started playing things like Ja Rule, Old Dirty Bastard, and Ludacris – so ridiculous, yet so fun.  As the night went on, lots of shots were taken, the music requests got worse, and the dancing got completely out of control.

                     November 432   November 435

It was such a fun and unexpected night of dancing with my friends.  I had no idea going into it that it would turn into such a wild scene, and I loved every minute of it.  We were really sad that Liz had the flu and couldn’t make it, because she loves a dance party with a DJ more than anyone!  I would have been so bummed if I had heard about the surprise party from far away in Charlotte, and I was soooo happy to have been able to be a part of it.  Leah and I have been friends since high school (over 12 years!) and she is one of those people I know I’ll be friends with for life.  

November 436

Around 2am, I was literally dead tired from driving 8 hours to Cincinnati, racing around to get ready, and then dancing all night at the bar.  We hugged the birthday girl goodbye, and headed back to Lindsey’s place for an old school roommate sleepover. 

Sunday morning I got up and went for a short 5 mile run around my old neighborhood.  I love running here so much!  The rest of the day was spent catching up with my family, eating at my favorite places, and running various shopping errands with Lindsey.  Tonight is one last super special shopping mission, and a ladies dinner at my favorite veggie place!  I’ll be back with recaps tonight…