Weekend Workouts

For the first time in too long, this weekend was packed full of physical activity.  We kicked it off first thing Saturday morning with a 5K run!  I still hadn’t done any local races here in Charlotte, and thought that a race would help me get motivated for all the running I’ll be doing here in the next few weeks as I get ready for the marathon.  Since Casey was fresh off his marathon the weekend before, he agreed to do the 5K but run it (slowly) with me – yay! 

So we got up super early on a Saturday morning and headed to the airport for the Runway 5k!  This was actually a really big race – over 1,200 people!  I think it was popular because it was FLAT, and the prizes were airline tickets.  Before we left, I had my standard pre-run breakfast – PB2 and jelly sandwich on an english muffin, mmmmm.

October 273

When we got there it was misting a bit, but the temperature wasn’t too bad, so I decided to leave my fleece in the car, knowing I would get hot when we were running.  But then the race ended up being delayed 30 minutes, and I was freeeeezing.  Casey was a super-husband, and gave me his long-sleeved running shirt to wear:) 

It was so fun to run a race together!  I had told Casey ahead of time that I had no real goal for the race, since my running has been crap and I am out of shape, but that I wanted to stick to running around an 8:00 mile pace.  He was a fantastic running coach, checking the Garmin and encouraging me to keep going.  It was really rough for me, but I stuck it out, keeping my pace and finishing in 24:50 – definitely not my best by far – but the best I had in me given my fitness and training level.  I was happy that I gave it what I had – that was really all that mattered to me.

After the race, and a few minutes spent lying on the ground heaving and gasping for air, I ran into Charlotte’s famous food blogger – Kath!  We have done a lot of emailing since I moved here, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we finally met in person.  She was just as nice in person as she seems on her blog, and even invited me to yoga along with her friend Amanda.

We headed home to beat traffic, since we were in the absolute back of the parking lot, and when we got home I quickly mapped out a large loop, and headed back out the door to complete my Saturday long run.  I started up the main road and felt awful – tired, cold, rained-on, and totally not into it.  I told myself I needed to run to the top of the hill, and then I would turn around and go home – it just wasn’t my day.  But I kept picturing how I would feel once I got home.  No I wouldn’t be running anymore, and that would feel good, but I knew I’d be really upset with myself. 

I finally got to the top of the giant hill – almost three miles later – and realized that the rest of my loop was pretty flat.  I knew I needed to keep going.  I put on my Miranda Lambert playlist, put my head down so I wouldn’t obsess about what hills or challenges were coming up, and just focused on running each block.  One more block, and then another.  Before I knew it, I was at ten miles and rounding back towards my house.  I walked in the door with my Garmin logging just over 14 miles – the longest I’ve run in a LONG time.  It was hard and I was slow, but I didn’t care.  I was so proud of myself for not giving up – I felt like I had finally found the girl who loved to run back in Cincinnati.

Proud as I was, I was also wrecked.  I took a long shower, a long nap, and ate a gigantic bowl of oatmeal.  I was pretty worthless the rest of the day.  I did, however, decide to take up Kath and Amanda on their yoga offer for the next day.  Even though I write this blog, and probably seem like a very open person, I think I’m actually pretty shy.  So to sign up for a hot yoga class (which I had never done before) with two people I had just met was definitely a step outside of the comfort zone, but I am sooooo glad I did it!  Just goes to show that you have to take risks sometimes.

So bright and early Sunday morning, Kath, Amanda, and I met up at Y2Yoga, a cute little yoga studio not too far from my house.  The only yoga I’ve ever done before has been the freebie yoga at the gym, never at an actual yoga studio.  And I had heard scary things about hot yoga, but never experienced it for myself.  Tanner, our instructor, had saved us three mats side by side, and as soon as I entered the room I started sweating!  Holy cow!  I seriously had no idea my body could produce that much sweat.

We did all sorts of holds and stretches, and it was actually  lot more challenging than I thought it would be.  By the end I was shaking and completely drenched with puddles all around me on the floor.  The best part was the end, as we stretched out on our backs and relaxed, we were surprised by ice cold lavender soaked towels – total heaven!  It was a great mix of music too, everything from Eminem during the intense parts, to Sarah McLaughlin during the cool down. 

One of the best parts for me was towards the end of the 90 minute (!!) class, while I was sweating and shaking and wondering how much longer, Tanner says, “Just a few more minutes.  This is the point where you always want to give up.  Just keep going, it’s almost over.”  He was so right.  How many times have I quit a run a mile early, or skipped my last weights set just because I wanted it to be over?  I worked every minute of those 90 minutes, and I had the sweat to prove it.  Visit Kath’s blog for a picture of the three of us post-yoga!

After I got home and forced Casey to feel how sweaty my clothes were, I quickly changed into dry workout gear so I could head to the gym for some weight lifting.  But first we watched a live stream of the end of the New York Marathon – so amazing!  We went to the gym and did a good weight set, along with some treadmill walking/magazine reading before heading home.  It was definitely a physical day!

After a much needed and earned hot shower, I treated myself to this delight.  Pumpkin cranberry oats with chocolate PB2 drizzle.  Garnished with a pumpkin Hershey’s kiss, mmmmmmmm…

October 275

Going, going…

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