Simple Gifts.

This the season of giving, and Santa was very good to us this year.  Among our newest additions are…

Yummy things like this fabulous fresh rosemary tree, and a huge assortment of delicious nuts…

IMG_0686 IMG_0695

Fun things like this CHOCOLATE trivial pursuit game, and fabulous personalized doggie cloaks (don’t they looks so regal!?!)…

IMG_0759 IMG_0773

Useful things like my coveted yoga towel (Kath!  Yay!!) and yoga carrying tote, as well as this flexible camera tripod…

IMG_0885 IMG_0886

And sentimental things, like this beautiful framed collage that Sarah made me – my blog banner surrounded by all the fabulous comments from you guys, that make me feel like this writing has a purpose.  Or this charm bracelet that my mom made – something old, something new – from an old bracelet of my great Aunts (with her name plate), complete with charms for all the different phases of my life.

IMG_0887 IMG_0888

But this isn’t a post about what was under the tree for us this year.  It’s a post about the real gifts of Christmas.  And this year they didn’t come down the chimney… 

They came in the front door. 





IMG_0829 IMG_0831






A house that spun for days on love, laughs, food, fun, and family.  I am slightly in denial that it flew by so quickly, but we are already onto the next celebration…

Happy Birthday Casey!!  You are a gift to me each and every day…