All Natural in the Kitchen.

After an epic fail of a day, I was determined to turn my night around.  I had seen some recipes in blog and emails that I wanted to try, so I spent my evening relaxing in the kitchen.

One of my new favorite blogs is Peas and Thank You, a veggie mom raising veggie kids, and she had posted some amazing looking Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chickpeas yesterday, that I knew I needed to try.  I followed her recipe pretty much exactly, since it was so simple to begin with…


Our grain item came from Vegetarian Times magazine – Bulgur with Curried Potatoes and Peas, mmmmm….  This was a classic example of, “that looks good because I have all the ingredients in my pantry!” type of cooking.  Lucky for us it actually was really good, although I undercooked the potatoes just a tad…


Paired these with simple haricot verts from Trader Joe’s….


A lovely dinner with lots of different flavors!  Since I’m showing you more and more home food these days, maybe I should start working on my plate presentations…


Yummy homemade dinner + my favorite candle ever from Anthropologie…


Makes for a great movie date night with Casey!  We downloaded a documentary called King Corn, about how the corn industry is taking over our food, resources, planet, etc.  I wish I could write a fabulous glowing review and tell you all to go watch it, but alas, I fell asleep.  The previous night’s lack of sleep caught up with me, and I only saw about half of the movie.  :(


Moving right along…  I realize the other day that I had never done full pictures of my culinary uniform here on the blog.  Get ready to feast your eyes on some hot stuff!! :)

First off, imagine this little scenario.  I’m sitting in my first day of school orientation, with classes starting the next day.  We’re going over policies, dress code, etc., when the Chef teaching my class says, “Let’s get down to personal hygiene.  Ladies, this is a kitchen, not a beauty parlor.  Johnson & Wales policy is absolutely no makeup in the kitchen.”  Ummmm, Im sorry whaaat?  I’ll tell you what – they don’t put that in the admissions brochures!

So at 28 years old, I had to walk out the door my completely makeup-less natural self, to a classroom filled with strangers.  Do you know how hard that was??  I had no idea how much comfort makeup brought me until I stopped wearing it.  Since then I’ve gotten completely used to it, and I’m lucky to actually have really nice, clear skin.  But it took a long time of walking past mirrors and doing double-takes to realize that yes, I was really out in public with zero makeup. 

The only thing that is a little rough about it is that I go to work directly from classes two days a week, so that means I’m also au natural at work, and trust me, by the time I get there I look tired.  Some people probably think it would be crazy to post makeup-free pics on the internet, but since it’s how I walk out the door every day, here you go…

The first part of my uniform – hair up, face clear, no jewelry, jacket on!


And here is the full shot – me in all my culinary glory!  This is what we wear everyday in the first part of culinary labs (lecture), and what I wear to the rest of my academic classes.


This picture does no justice to showing you how BIG these pants are!  MC Hammer has nothing on me…


And let’s not pass over those shoes.  They weigh about 15 pounds each, and we are also required to wear these oh-so-sexy ankle socks…

When cooking time begins, we rock the apron and skull cap look…


So there you have it.  My fabulously fashion forward daily getup.  To be honest though, while the pants are ridiculous and huge, I pretty much feel like I’m in pajamas all day long, so I can’t complain about that!  Plus I have pretty much stopped buying clothes all together since all I wear is this plus workout gear – we’ve saved a lot of money!

How about you guys?  Do you feel comfortable going out of the house without makeup??