Batteries and Buttercream.

After a stormy night with very little sleep, my morning continued to go downhill.  I was so tired that I snoozed twice, which I never do, so I was late getting ready as it was.  When I went to go grab my culinary jacket out of the dryer, I discovered that in my haste to get laundry done this weekend, I had washed my jacket in its entirety, not taking all of the extra accessories off that are clearly not washable.

At the bottom of our washing machine, I discovered a destroyed blue pen and dry black Sharpie, as well as my digital thermometer – in three pieces.  I also washed and destroyed my nametag – thank god I have an extra!  The Sharpie was completely drained of ink, but by some miracle none of it was on my clothes?  How does that happen?  I threw my jacket on and raced out the door ten minutes late.

Oh but that was not the end of it!  I got into my car and turn the key – dead battery.  Seriously.  I flew back in the house and started yelling to Casey, who cool and calm as always, rushed out and saved the day.  A quick call to a classmate to tell him I would be late, and ten minutes of watching poor Casey jump start my car at 5am, and I was on my way!  I got there just in time. 

Luckily for me, class was very relaxed (and slightly boring) today.  We started our graded practicals tomorrow, so today was mostly just a prep day.  The only thing new that we made was Buttercream Icing.  We started by whipping lots and lots of sugar and eggs…


And then slooooooowly tempered in scalding hot simple syrup…


While that whisked, we prepped the next ingredient.  Yes, folks, that is BUTTER – all butter.  For comparison, check out the size of the rolling pin behind it.  This was 3.5 pounds of butter – 9,600 calories in one ingredient. 


We added the butter and continued to whip whip whip until it formed an icing.  My classmates know me as the one to constantly point out the nutritional value, or lack there of, of what we are making.  For example, in today’s icing recipe we used 24 oz of egg whites, 48 oz of sugar and 3.5 pounds of butter.  That is a grand total of 15,236 calorie in one mixing bowl!

This recipe was intended to yield enough to ice four cakes, which gives you just under 4,000 calories per cake in just icing.  One nine inch cake.  One.


It really makes you think twice about eating this stuff, doesn’t it?  I don’t mean to sound weird tallying up all the calories, but I think a lot of times people don’t really think about what goes into their food.  If you stop and think about the ingredients, it’s scary how fast this stuff adds up!  So for those who have commented that I have such willpower to avoid all the baked goods – usually seeing what goes into them is enough to keep me at arm’s length! 

Anywaaaays, we bagged up our lovely icing and set it aside for Wednesday’s cake decorating mystery project. 


The rest of the day we worked on our math conversions for our practical exams tomorrow.  Since math is my specialty, I was done in about 20 minutes, and spent the rest of class talking to my classmates and staring at the clock.  We did get a treat from next door – cute little petit fours!  I split one with my partner – raspberry filling – yum!  


Sorry to not have more exciting classroom pictures for you today!  I’m off to cook dinner and relax with Casey – we’re having movie night!!

I realized earlier that I’ve never really shown you guys my ridiculous culinary uniform on the blog!  Pictures to come…