Drizzly Double Digits.

We survived!!  Casey and I met Kath at the Greenway for our weekly long run – eleven miles!  Kath and I ran the first eight together, and Casey helped me drag myself for three more afterwards.

Kath and I had an awesome run.  The rain wasn’t too bad, and sort of misty, which was kind of refreshing.  I was really glad I had worn my hat – an ode to the Bengals on a playoff day that they should have been part of, humph.  We did have to do quite a bit of puddle jumping, and even stopped to walk across some really slippery and muddy bridges.  Check out our split times!

  1. 8:37
  2. 8:39
  3. 8:48
  4. 9:42
  5. 9:22
  6. 9:11
  7. 8:56
  8. 8:44

(Courtesy of Kath’s Garmin, since my battery died, boooo!)  We ran to the 4 mile marker and turned around and ran back, and you can see from those middle splits where all the puddles were!  I was really proud that we picked our pace up so much on that last mile.  We ran into Casey on our last mile, and he ran it in with us to the finish line (parking lot).  We took a well deserved finisher’s pic – this was Kath’s longest run to date!  So awesome!


I gave Kath a couple of well-deserved high fives (I am cheesy – I love high fives), and we said goodbye.  Casey and I then turned around and headed back to the trail to run another 1.5 out and back – bringing the day’s total to 11 miles.  Wow, what a different a ten minute break can make!

I was sooooo tight and sore once we started running again!  Especially in the cold rainy weather, I had let myself cool down too much, and it was really hard to get re-started.  The last three miles were more of a Galloway-type walk and run combo.  But regardless, I did it, and I didn’t really care how slow the last three were since the first eight were so good!  I was exhausted when we got back to the car…


And also filthy.  My shoes were covered in mud, and I could tell my socks were wet from hitting so many puddles.


During the last three miles I kept thinking that something felt weird in my right shoe.  When we got back to the car, I finally got to check it out….


Damn you, Old Navy running socks!  I just bought these like a month ago – ugh.  Check out how dirty my socks are too – all that muddy water soaked through my shoes!  After a hot shower and a hot bowl of oatmeal, I am feeling fabulous that the run was good, and even better to be back in double digit territory! 

On that note – time to share my training plan!  I’m training for the Flying Pig Marathon on May 2nd in Cincinnati.  I’ve run this marathon twice before, and although I’m completely biased since it’s in my hometown, it is my favorite marathon by far.  I am so excited to run it again this year, especially living so far away now!  Here’s what I have in store for the next 14 weeks…

Pig Schedule

I used one of Hal Higdon’s 18-week schedules as a base for my plan.  I have used his training plans before and always done well with them.  The only real difference in my training this time is that I’m doing my long runs on Sundays instead of Saturdays, since that works best with my work schedule, and coincides with Kath’s running plan.  I’ve also added yoga this time, which I have never done during training in the past.

A few readers have asked me how I balance running, weights, yoga, circuits, etc.  Here’s how I put it all together…

My first priority is the marathon, so my runs get scheduled first, and the rest can fall in around that.  I’ve schedule weights to be Mondays and Saturdays, which are non-running days, so that I’m still getting a workout on my off days.  I try to do something active every day.  We also have weights scheduled on Thursdays, which are also running days – double header.  But since Thursdays are shorter mid-week runs, we can combine our running and weights into a treadmill circuit – killing two birds with one stone, and getting a killer workout. 

Yoga fits in around all the rest of it.  After talking to Kath today, we’re going to try to stick to weekend yoga from now on, since the weeknights are already so packed with other things.  The only day that I don’t have anything “official” to do is Fridays, so my plan is to take the dogs for a long walk and rest my legs going into the weekend’s long run.  Like I said, I really like to get out and have some sort of activity every day. 

I have found in the past that I do best with a set schedule that I can stick to.  Between classes, my job, the blog, making dinner, etc. – I literally have my life planned out on paper.  But I am also an organizing dork and I love it!

How do you guys stay organized?  Do you stay on track with a training schedule?