Heavy Lifting.

Casey and I both had the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr’s holiday, and it was so nice to have a day with no plans!  I did a lot of computer/blog type work, including the latest addition – a RECIPE page!  I’ve had a lot of readers ask for recipe links and such, so I thought an official recipe page was probably long overdue.  Check it out on the top right – Emily’s Healthy Recipes – I hope you find it useful!  My plan is to update it each weekend with the previous week’s recipes, and continue to build a great database of recipes for you guys.

It was gorgeous and SUNNY here in Charlotte today – over 60 degrees!  The doggies were feeling a little restless pent up inside…


…so Casey and I took advantage of the nice day and took the dogs for a nice hour-long walk.  We walked and talked and planned, and soaked up all of the sunshine.  I was even wearing just a t-shirt – in JANUARY – I love North Carolina!  :)

Back at home we did a little more work, and then got down to Monday’s assigned workout – weight lifting.  (A few of you have asked for my training schedule, so I’m planning to write a post in the next few days filling you in on all the details.)  Since we only had weights scheduled today, we wanted to do heavy weights for fewer reps, to get maximum strength training.  Always wanting to keep it interesting, we tried a few different things today…

We started with weighted pushups – OUCH!  These are the crazy things that boys think of in the gym!  I did 3 sets of 5 reps with a 12 lb. weight on my back.  Plus an extra cutting board for even weight distribution – the joys of an at-home workout!

IMG_1276 IMG_1280

Next was bent-over rows, one arm at a time.  I did 3 sets of 10 reps with 25 lb. weights.  My arms felt like jell-o at the end!


The last arm exercise was a chest-opening fly move – started with the weights down low and raised them up to shoulder height.  I did 3 sets of 10 reps with 12 lb. weights.

IMG_1292 IMG_1291 

Moving on to some leg action, we did seated chair raises.  Started by sitting on (my makeup stool) with one leg out, and then standing up using only my standing leg.  Then sat back down again, and continued 10 reps on each leg, always keeping the raised leg off the floor.

 IMG_1294  IMG_1295

The last exercise was the worst – weighted planks.  These were so hard!!  I started by doing an ab plank for 60 seconds with 24 lbs. on my back (plus the ridiculous cutting board!)…


Then I upgraded to a 35 lb. weight on my back, holding a plank for 40 seconds…


And finally a 35 lb + 12 lb weights on my back for 20 seconds – notice the death grip I have on the yoga mat to keep myself from caving in!


This workout was short and effective – perfect for a night when we have a lot of things going on.   I wanted to get our workout done in plenty of time to rest up for HOT YOGA with Whit!  I was especially excited
to try out my new yoga mat – sent to me by the nice folks at Aurorae to review for the blog!


My mat came in the mail last week and I was super pumped when I saw that it was orange, which goes perfectly with my orange and pink Yogitoes towel!  The orange mat is actually called solar on the Illumination Chart, and represents – creativity, inspiration, energy, compassion, warmth, family, and stability – all good things I hope to have!


In addition to the mat, Aurorae sent me a slip-free rosin bag, which increases gripping power and absorbs perspiration with the slight touch of the bag


I rubbed the little bag all over my feet and hands before we got started on the mats.  Ever since I started at Y2Yoga I’ve been going to Tanner’s classes, but since he wasn’t on the schedule for tonight, Whit and I thought we’d give another instructor a chance.

We did a sixty minute hot vinyasa class with Jillian – it was a totally different experience having another instructor!  Jillian was goofy and joked around a lot, and did lots of explanations and comforting.  It was nice and laid back, and I felt wonderfully stretched afterwards.  I about died when she went into a very unexpected plank series, having just had 50 freaking pounds on my back just a few hours prior.  I left class shaking and sweaty –I love hot yoga!

My new mat was awesome!  Super grippy with lots of cushion, and much thicker than my old wimpy mat.  I don’t know if it was the mat, the rosin bag, or a combination – but either way, my hands and feet stayed in place, and it was a nice change from my usual slipping and sliding self.  Thanks Aurorae – I will be sure to use this from now on!

Off to soak up the last few hours of my four day weekend with Casey.  Plus I have a quiz to study for – eek!