We hadn’t left our house since I got home from yoga Friday night, so by mid-day Sunday, we were all starting to feel a little antsy! 

I had a run planned with Kath, but as I was getting dressed to leave, I saw my neighbor get stuck trying to get up our hill in his big pickup truck!  If his V8 wasn’t making it, neither was my Honda Accord :(

But the snow was all starting to melt and the sun was out, so since my run was cancelled, I thought we could at least bundle up and take the dogs out for a bit to burn off some energy.  I jumped around the room and got the dogs all fired up to go – they are so sick of being inside!



I was still half-dressed for my cancelled run, and I felt like Charlie in his “green man” suit on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Does anyone else watch that show??  It is seriously the funniest show on television – can’t wait for it to come back!

I was worried that the dogs would be cold, since they were essentially walking on snow barefoot.  I decided that they could wear their doggie bathrobes that my mom got them for Christmas!  Indy decided he would rather chew the strap off of his though, so Huey was  the only fashionable dog…


Once we started walking we discovered snow + sunshine = ICE!  Lots and lots of very slippery ice.  The dogs were pulling hard on the leashes as always, causing us to slip and slide everywhere.


Moments after this picture was taken, Indy pulled a little too hard and sent me flying up into the air and crashing down flat on my back.  I was a little shaken, and soaking wet – I landed in the gutter in a huge puddle!

IMG_1796 We climbed back up to our house, and are safe inside now, avoiding the scary ice.  Tonight’s forecast is freezing temps that will supposedly freeze the melted snow into BLACK ICE – scary!  We live at the bottom of a big, long hill that no one seems to be able to get up – we are literally trapped down here!


And even if we could get up the hill, we’d have to get down this driveway first!


I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with ice storms once I left Ohio!  Crossing my fingers that we might BOTH have cancelled classes tomorrow.  No matter how old you are, you never stop wishing for snow days…

I’m off to make lunch and do some homework while listening to my new LADY ANTEBELLUM CD that just arrived in the mail – thank you, Lindsey!!

Later I have a veeeeery long treadmill run planned.  I’m thinking about actually downloading a movie to watch while I run.  Any suggestions??  What is a good movie to watch while you run??

Stay safe and warm wherever you are!