Step Away from the Monkey Bread.

Typically we don’t have classes on Fridays at Johnson & Wales, so everyone was a little cranky and off of their game today.  Most of my classmates hate this Baking and Pastry class, and think it’s a total waste of time.  I, however, am loving it, and have learned so much about all sorts of mysterious baked goods. 

For our practical exam, we’ll be doing some sort of cake decorating, but our Chef hasn’t really given us any details on this.  She says we have to do it on the fly, and I’m hoping my cake decorating 101 class a few years ago with Lindsey will come in handy!  Since we’ll be decorating next week, we went ahead and made Sponge Cakes today to get ready.

IMG_1443IMG_1444 IMG_1445 IMG_1447

Next we used the second batch of our croissant dough to make DANISHES!  We sliced the dough into even 4×4 cubes…

  IMG_1448 IMG_1450

And formed the dough into these awesome shapes!  I thought they looked like Christmas ornaments…



These were mine below – some came out better than others!  After a quick egg wash, we topped them with some gooey cherry danish filling…


Can you see all the flaky layers of butter and dough?


And after baking, they came out like this!  I didn’t try one of these, because I had reserved my classroom calorie nibbles for another side baking project…


When we trimmed the danish dough to be even squares, there were lots of leftover end pieces.  We rolled them up in cinnamon sugar and made MONKEY BREAD!


Oh my god – the picture does NO justice to how good this stuff was.  Like hot cinnamony gooey crack cocaine.  I took two bites and walked away, knowing I could eat the entire pan!


I tore myself away from the monkey bread in order to finish our éclair project from yesterday.  We cut the shells in half and piped a cream filling onto them.  We dipped and decorated some of them with a melted chocolate, and filled others with cherry filling.






It was another fun day of baking and dessert making!  After class I raced across town to get to work in time, and then raced to the other side of town to go to YOGA!  At first I considered skipping yoga, since my day had been so crazy.  I was soooo glad I went afterwards!

I went to Tanner’s Hot Vinyasa class, which is my favorite.  It was totally packed – mat to mat – and the sequences we did were really tough.  I was dying by the time I laid down at the end and got my cool lavender towel.  It was the perfect way to end a very long and hectic week.

When I got home from yoga, I discovered that my amazing husband had scrubbed our filthy kitchen into clean perfection!  It was SUCH a nice surprise!  While I showered, he made dinner again, and we snuggled on the couch for the rest of the night.  I love our old people Friday nights! :)