Chobani Greek Yogurt Giveaway!

A few days ago I was lucky enough to come home to a large box on my doorstep that said CHOBANI across the front in big black letters.  Even better than a big box on my doorstep, was what was INSIDE!


Twelve glorious and beautifully packaged Chobani Greek yogurts – all sorts of different fun flavors including honey, pomegranate, peach, strawberry banana, and more!  I think their packaging is so pretty.  It makes me happy every time I open my refrigerator.


Typically I buy the Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt, because it is my favorite I have found so far that is both tasty and affordable.  I was excited to get to try Chobani’s flavors, since I don’t usually eat a lot of flavored yogurts.  On a plain vs. plain comparison, I’d probably still choose Trader Joe’s.  While the Chobani was good, and I liked the flavor, I think the TJ’s is a little bit thicker.  Moving right along to the fun FLAVORS!  For my first taste test, I chose strawberry!


Oh wow!  I was totally surprised when I opened it – fruit on the bottom!  It does say it on the packaging in really small print by the fruit, but I didn’t see it ahead of time, and it wasn’t what I expected.  That said – it was REALLY good!  Check out those hunks of fruit!


The flavor was awesome and I really liked the chunky fruit, with the smooth texture of the yogurt.  My one complaint about this was that for 140 calories the serving size seemed kind of small.  Notice how much room there is between the rim and the yogurt – and that picture was taken pre-bite!  Mmmmm but it was a yummy bite…


Once I get through all my flavors, I will definitely considering buying these again, especially when I want something more than just plain yogurt – I can’t wait to try the rest!  I know many of you guys are Greek yogurt lovers too, so I made sure you would get a chance to have your own 12-pack CASE of Chobani flavors delivered right to your doorstep!


You have two different ways you can enter:

1. Visit the Chobani website and check out the list of all their awesome flavors and products.  Leave a comment here telling me which product you want to try most!

2. Leave a separate comment telling me your favorite way to use Greek yogurt – I love hearing all your creative ideas and recipes!

You can enter both ways and get two entries, but you must leave them in TWO SEPARATE comments.  Giveaway is open to US residents only, and ends this coming Thursday at midnight.  Winner will be randomly picked, and announced first thing Friday morning!