Lunch in India.

I can’t believe today was already day FOUR of my dining room class – it is flying by so quickly!  This is the last class I will have with the group of classmates I have been with for the past three months – and some of them for the past SIX months (both terms)!  I am really sad to be losing some fun classmates who aren’t moving into to sophomore classes yet :(  BUT – we still have five days left together!  We will have to make the most of them!

After our morning discussion we moved on to setting up the dining room for our first day of official table seated service.  We folded napkins…

IMG_2486 (640x480)

IMG_2487 (640x480)

And my partner and I polished all of the silverware.  SO MANY different things!

IMG_2488 (640x480)

I was assigned to my own table today – scary!  Here it is – lucky table # 34…

IMG_2489 (640x480)

All set up and ready to go!  It actually went really well – I had a table of three freshman boys who giggled and asked me if I was married (haha!).  I realized pretty quickly that there was nothing to be nervous about.  The hour flew past, and before I knew it we were breaking for lunch and clean up!

IMG_2490 (640x480)

The International cuisine we served today was food from INDIA – a vegetarian dream!  Outside of the dining room, the Chef did a display table, so I snuck outside and snapped pictures before service so that I could show you guys all of the delicious food!

First up – the appetizers – homemade caramelized onion naan bread with raita…

IMG_2491 (640x480)

Rasam – lentils prepared with chicken broth and flavored with turmeric, ginger, garlic and tamarind, garnished with a chiffonade of mint leaves .

IMG_2492 (640x480)

Samosas – fried dumplings filled with mashed potatoes and green peas, seasoned with coriander cumin and cloves .

IMG_2496 (640x480)

And the entrees!  Including, Chicken Vindaloo – a fiery curried chicken from Southern India with tomatoes, onion, and ginger, finished with vinegar.

IMG_2493 (640x480)

Sabzi Paneer – assorted vegetables stewed in their own natural juices and served with a house made cheese (vegetarian and delicious – hello eggplant!).

IMG_2494 (640x480)

And last but not least, Tandoori Chicken – chicken marinated in lime juice and spicy yogurt sauce, accented with garam masala and cooked in a very hot oven.

IMG_2495 (640x480)

All the b
eautiful plates displayed for our diners!

IMG_2497 (640x480)

Dessert was Baked Alaska, sent up from the baking and pastry classes – I even got a shot of the gooey inside filling!

 IMG_2498 (640x480) IMG_2501 (640x480)

By the time service was over, we were all starving, and I loaded up a plate with chickpeas and vegetables – soooo delicious!

IMG_2500 (640x480)

I can’t wait until my next class when I am actually COOKING this food!  You guys will be seeing this stuff all over again, but this time from the prep side.  After class, I stayed at school for a special Chef’s Choice event, but I’ll be back in a bit to tell you about that.  Casey is calling me to come because dinner is ready!  I am so spoiled :)