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    A Look Back.

Recipe: Homemade Sports Drink!

Happy Valentines Day, guys!  I wore my red shirt and headband today, and tried to make a heart just for YOU!


I headed out to the greenway at 11:30 to meet Michelle and Kath for our scheduled long run!  The plan was to run 9 miles together – 4.5 out and back, and to run slow since we were all feeling a little under the weather. 

But as soon as we got started, we knew it was going to be a challenge.  The trail was a SWAMP!  The worst I’ve seen it – either ice and snow on the bridges, or swampy lakes of deep mud.  We ran about 0.75 miles before we decided to turn around and find another route. 

Good thing these girls know Charlotte so well!  We ran aaaaaall around, in and out of neighborhoods, up main roads, back through other neighborhoods, and before I knew it we had run over 7 miles!  As much as I love the trail, this run felt so much easier to me because I wasn’t paying any attention to mile markers.  We ended up back in the parking lot of the greenway having run 9.52 miles!

My legs and body still felt great, although a little sore.  My lungs held up pretty well.  I think the slower pace helped a lot.  When I got home, I leashed up my other valentines for the remainder of my 14-mile run. 


Casey and the pups and I set out towards another greenway – the one by our house, which wasn’t as bad as the other one, but was still pretty muddy.  We jogged another 4.5 miles, and my Garmin read 13.96 when I got home – perfect!  Major toweling off and mud removal was needed when we got home.

 IMG_2363 IMG_2366


My running shoes will be living outside for a while.


It’s possible that part of today’s long run success was because I had one of Casey’s famous sports drinks.  Much tastier and less expensive than buying Gatorade – here is the recipe…

Homemade Sports Drink!


Ingredients:  (recipe is measured for ONE QUART of sports drink!)

  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • water

To Prepare:  Put salt and sugar into 1 cup water and stir.  Microwave mixture for one minute – stir again to dissolve completely.  Add mixture to bottle with orange juice and lemon juice and fill with a handful of ice.  Swirl to cool the hot water down, and then fill to the top with cold water.  (Note: most Gatorade bottles are one quart, so they are perfect to refill with this!)


As you can see, I had guzzled most of this by the time I thought to take a picture!


Sports drinks are key during long runs, and oatmeal is key after long runs. 


Almonds for crunch, apricot preserves for sweetness, and PB2 because I love it…


I added 2 bananas to the steel cut oats before I started the rice cooker (for 2 servings), and they were perfectly mushy and sweet in the finished product.



Alright, time to FINISH this project once and for all, so I can enjoy the rest of my day.  I am starting to get soooooooooore – better go find some Advil.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day!

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Lindsey     at 9:27 am

Is there someplace to get the PB2 other than their website? I’d like to try it, but I’m not so sure I want to get a 4 pack. Thanks!
(Sorry to be posting on old posts, I’m going through your recipes and saw the PB2 here again!)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I have only ever gotten it online. I believe there are some nutrition centers that sell it by the jar though. They have a “store locator” on the website. I also think that they are now selling an inexpensive sample pack with just a few packets of both flavors. That reminds me – time to order more! Thanks :)


Lindsey     at 10:44 pm

I tried the store locator but it said there were no locations – but I found some today at the commissary! I’m excited to try it. Thank you!


Teri [a foodie stays fit]     at 6:43 pm

how have I never seen your recipe for homemade gatorade? brilliant! so glad you linked to it today!


Emily Malone Reply:

Because it is OLD! :) Also totally delicious – hope you like it!


Rachel     at 8:28 pm

Like others, it’s been awhile since you posted this…but! I am wondering how/why your homemade sport’s drink is better/comparable to Gatorade or Powerade? Thanks!


Kim H     at 10:07 pm

We were regular Gatorade drinkers before discovering this recipe. I just started making this last week and have gone through two quarts already. I love it! I tried to drink Gatorade tonight and thought it tasted fake and awful! Thanks for the alternative-we’ll never go back!!


Kamaile     at 7:17 pm

Going to try this recipe for homemade Gatorade this week!


my water obsession | Living the Gluten Free Life     at 9:47 am

[…] back, Kinley found a recipe by Daily Garnish for a Homemade Sports Drink which I now like to take out with me as my mileage is getting higher and the sun is getting hotter. […]

Hannah     at 11:33 am

First, sorry for commenting on such an old post :) I normally drink coconut water, because I’ve always been anti gatorade/sports drink due to the high sugar/(corn syrup) content. I love the idea of being able to make my sports drink at home, but do I really need a 1/4 cup of sugar? Can you help me understand why this is integral to the drink? Are this much simple carbs needed? OJ for potassium and salt for sodium, right? Thanks, I really want to start making this!!


DIY Sports Drink « Running Slimmer     at 8:12 am

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Make your own Gatorade     at 9:45 pm

[…] effort to maybe save a few cents on this stuff, I pinned this recipe to make your own Gatorade from Daily Garnish.  And wow!  It was so easy!  Here’s the lineup of […]

Tracey Black     at 10:50 pm

Your recipe looks great. I have a similar one with raw honey instead of granulated sugar. I add a few drops of orange and grapefruit essential oils too.


DIY - Make Your Own Gatorade - TGIF - This Grandma is Fun     at 12:45 pm

[…] effort to maybe save a few cents on this stuff, I pinned this recipe to make your own Gatorade from Daily Garnish.  And wow!  It was so easy!  Here’s the lineup of […]

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