Soup for a Cause.

Today’s class was CRAZY!  Once again, we had so much to do it SO little time.  When we started class, our Chef told us that we had a surprise “field trip” for the final hour of class, so we’d be down an hour in production time.  Better get to work!   We made a few different things today, but the only one that was really photo worthy for you guys was the Shrimp Bisque.

We started by peeling and deveining 2.5 lbs shrimp…


And then we sautéed and simmered the shrimp shells to add flavor to our stock.  One of the main things they stress in school is using every part of everything – waste is money in the garbage can! 


We added some paprika and tomato and let it caramelize.


Added a gallon of fish stock…


Sautéed the shrimp off to the side…


And then removed the shells, added the cooked shrimp, and pureed it with the immersion blender.  No explosions today – success!



Sorry – I forgot to get a picture of the finished product with all the cream and final flavorings added.  :(   The really cool thing about today’s soup was where it was headed.  Charlotte’s Hospice and Palliative Care Center is holding a fundraiser this weekend called Soup on Sunday, which is basically a big SOUP tasting festival – so cool!  Over 35 of Charlotte’s restaurants and schools are donating soups for tasting, including one from Johnson & Wales – my group’s Shrimp Bisque!!  I am so excited that we got to be part of this fun food festival for a great cause. 

Once the soup was finished, we broke for lunch before our “field trip.”  I don’t normally take lunch pictures for the blog, but today I felt the need to share.  After last night’s run, Kath gave me some Great Harvest Bread to take home.  This morning I quickly made a PB&J and slathered some PB2 and Crofter’s on a slice of the GH bread…


Holy cow – this stuff is amazing!!  Now I know why she won’t eat anything else.  It was so soft and nutty and fresh – I definitely have to get some more.  One of my classmates insisted on taking a picture of me eating my packed lunch – don’t I look amused?  (Or possibly drunk?)  At least you can see me in my culinary finest.  :)


After lunch we headed to the auditorium for our field trip.  I was less than thrilled to discover that we were being forced to sit an listen to an hour long lobbying presentation from Smithfield – the world’s single largest factory pig farm.


Complete with giant pig carcass on the demonstration table!


As a vegetarian, I don’t believe that eating meat is wrong. But it is a personal choice that I have made, and I feel that I am much happier and healthier because of it.  BUT – I do highly disapp
rove of the inhumane factory farming and horrific environmental practices for which Smithfield is notorious.  Interestingly enough, none of that was addressed.  I was pretty angry that Johnson & Wales was endorsing and promoting such a controversial and irresponsible purveyor.


I booked it out of there as soon as it was over, and headed to work for the rest of the afternoon.  On my way home I stopped at Earth Fare because I was down to my last serving of steel cut oats – the horrors!  While I was there I couldn’t resist a few other items that caught my eye, including these chips…


The bag said they are tortilla chips, so I thought they would be good with salsa, but after one bite I realized they were something totally different – DORITOS!


Organic, all natural Doritos.  Not exactly the most nutrient dense snack ever, but fun every now and then, considering we almost never have chips in the house!  But now I still need to get some tortilla chips for my salsa…

I’m off to enjoy a homework free night with Casey – Thursday is my Friday since I don’t have classes tomorrow!  We’re making a few other Earth Fare finds for dinner tonight, which I’ll be back later to show you.

LAST CHANCE for the Crofter’s giveaway.  Jelly lovers unite!