Super Bowl Snacking.

This morning’s run was awesome!  Kath and I ran a strong NINE miles together along very muddy and slippery bridges and trails!  We chatted and ran, and the miles flew past as usual.  I think this week’s nine was even easier than our 8 mile run two weeks ago!

I left my Amazing Grass bottle full of homemade sports drink (recipe to come!) at the 1.5 mile marker, because I was supposed to actually be running twelve miles today.  My plan was to finish up with Kath, and then head out another 1.5 and back with Casey.  But when we got back to the parking lot, Casey had already cooled down from his run, and my stomach wasn’t so sure about three more miles.  So sadly, the Amazing Grass bottle was abandoned.  Maybe it will be there next week?

I’ve been working on homework this afternoon in order to earn a night off and head to a Super Bowl party!  As Kath and I discussed this morning on our run, healthy eating is all about being strategic and planning ahead – especially in party-type situations.  The best way to ensure that a party or gathering will have some healthy (and vegetarian!) options, is to offer to bring them yourself!

One of my favorite things to eat are DIPS.  I love dipping food.  Condiments, sauces, hummus, salsa – you name it.  So I am taking DIPPERS!


A slew of veggies including, crunchy bell peppers…


Dipping classics – carrots and celery…


And something a little more fun to dip – English cucumbers and grape tomatoes.



And what will we dip into, you ask?  I got a hummus quartet from Trader Joe’s that has roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, parsley scallion, and traditional hummus, mmmmmm…


Also got this awesome Raita indian yogurt dip that I can’t wait to tear open and try.  Is that a weird thing to take to a party?  I hope not!


I’m supporting defense today – even rocking my horseshoe earrings!



Okay I’m HUNGRY ready to go…


Believe in blue!