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    A Look Back.

Working for the Weekend.

I made it through our first day of service, and it really wasn’t that bad.  They kind of give us a break on the first day because the service was a buffet!  We only had to deal with drink orders, serving bread, and serving the first appetizer course.  I just tried to relax and not take it so seriously – I think it worked.

We set the dining room up with four long tables of ten and twelve.

IMG_2482 (640x480)

And of course we had perfect, complete place settings.  I never notice any of this stuff when I go out to eat!  There are SO many different forks and spoons in this dining room class – it is absurd.IMG_2483 (640x480)

The buffet was along the front wall, and it was served by the class that made the food, so we were off the hook.

IMG_2484 (640x480)

Ready for our diners!

IMG_2485 (640x480)

Sadly I have ZERO food pictures for you today :(  Sounds silly, but I can’t put my camera in the pocket of my dining room pants the way I could with my gigantic chef pants.  So it has to stay in my bag, which means sometimes I miss the really good photo opportunities.  I am going to try stashing it in the hutch tomorrow during service, shhhhh.

I am still SO TIRED and drained from Sunday night’s all-nighter.  It’s amazing how much sleep can affect you for days and days.  My entire week has been thrown off!  I feel like I am running around like a madwoman this week, and the craziness just keeps going!  Tomorrow morning I have to turn in my final application for my big internship this summer, and then tomorrow night I have to serve wine at an evening event at school (hopefully fun pics from that!).  Then Friday I have make-up classes instead of the day off, and first thing Saturday morning I am hitting the road for a 6-hour drive to Jacksonville, Florida!  WHEW!

Sunday morning, I am running 26.2 with Donna – The National Breast Cancer Marathon – (but I am running the HALF marathon) with one of my most fabulous friends, Mary Ann!


It is her FIRST half-marathon, and I promised her many months ago that if she decided to train for a race, I would drive wherever and run it with her.  I don’t know if she thought I was serious or not, but either way – I’m headed to Florida on Saturday to run a half-marathon on the BEACH!  I am so excited!! 

Mary Ann’s mother, coincidentally also named Donna, is currently in remission from her own courageous battle with breast cancer.  Donna is one of the best moms I know, and she was nice enough to let us visit for many spring break trips in college – it pays to have friends who live in Florida! :)

I am so excited to run with Mary Ann, who I haven’t seen since her wedding back in November, and to do it all in honor of her amazing and courageous mom!  I am considering running with my camera so that I can take lots of fun pictures to show you guys. 

Tonight my plan is to finish up my work and be in bed by NO later than 9pm!  I need to catch up on some serious zzzzz’s…

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