Building the Home Gym.

UPDATE – so this morning at yoga, Tanner asked me what I had been up to this weekend, and I mentioned the food poisoning incident.  He was horrified to hear that Big Daddy’s was the cause, as I guess he is good friends with the owner.  He said he was going to let him know, because (as many of you guys agreed!) they would definitely want to hear about any bad incident.

About two hours later I received a phone call from the Big Daddy’s store manager himself, calling to offer sincere apologies and get more details about what had happened.  He was very nice and seemed genuinely upset (maybe because he had three food bloggers at the table!?!), and offered to make it up to us if we wanted to come back.  I assured him that I totally understood that these things happen, and that the black bean burger was definitely good enough to get me to come back again!  What Big Daddy’s may have been lacking on Friday in food safety, they definitely made up for in customer service!

I spent this afternoon working on a fun project, that hopefully I can show you guys in a week or so.  When Casey got home, we headed to Play It Again Sports to get a few more weights to add to our collection.  We have a complete set now, and I am totally pumped for tomorrow’s weight lifting workout.


Now we have sets of 8lb, 12lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25 lb, 30lb, and 35lbs!



We also bought a chin up bar, which Casey installed as soon as we got home.


This bar has two settings – one up high for pull ups and chin ups…


And one down low for body weight rows!


Dinner tonight was convenient and easy – new Almond Grain Burgers from Earth Fare that I picked up last week.



With roasted broccoli…


And roasted cubed butternut squash…





The burgers were good, but very oniony.  My stomach still seems to be a little bit off tonight.  I ate both burgers, but left 90% of my veggies on my plate.  Casey seemed concerned to see food left uneaten, and commented that I am “almost always a contender for the clean plate club” – haha.  Hopefully tomorrow…