Green Day.

I went to Food Lion this afternoon to load up on fresh produce.  The grocery down the street has the cheapest selection of GREENS – only $1.29 per huge bunch of collards, kale, or mustard greens.  I also restocked our frozen fruit and veggie supply, and grabbed a few more things of orange juice while I was there.  The lady checking me out commented that it was the "healthiest cart she had ever seen" and then asked if I was a vegetarian.  I told her yes, and she responded, "oh yeah?  how long do you think that will last?"  Ummmmm, forever?  I was totally surprised by her reaction.  I guess she thought it was just a trend?  Very strange.

When I returned with my bounty we decided to make smoothies for lunch.  Whenever I make smoothies they end up way too thick, so much that when you try to drink out of your glass, the entire smoothie crashes down in one huge blob on your face.  Anyone else?  For this reason, Casey is the smoothie maker in our house…


Spinach, banana, frozen strawberries, frozen mango chunks, and some light silken tofu on top for extra protein…


Two cups of Trader Joe’s whole grain drink (similar to almond milk) for liquid…


I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets yesterday to discover a big box in the back that I hadn’t opened.  It was a huge stash of Amazing Grass that I had been sent ages ago, and completely forgotten about.  To be honest, I thought Casey had used it all up before I got a chance to review it, and I was totally surprised to see it still sitting there waiting patiently for me in the back of the cabinet.  Sorry Casey!  Into the mixer – Green Super Food drink powder! 



I insisted that this smoothie have some chocolate flavor.  The Amazing Grass packet was the perfect solution! 


All blended up – just close your eyes and drink!  Looks disgusting, tastes amazing.



There must be something in the water…


Casey showed pride for the green-smoothie-drinking male vegetarians of the world.  They are sadly, a very under-represented population. 

IMG_3963  IMG_3964

After smoothie time, we needed a little more GREEN in our lives, so we walked to our favorite greenway to enjoy the sunshine.  I decided to take my camera along and give you guys a little tour of where we walk!  From our house to this point, is exactly one mile through neighborhoods and sidewalks.  And then suddenly at the end of a loooong cul-de-sac, there is this little trail that sneaks out between two houses…


The trail winds into deep, pretty woods.  At this point the dogs always start pulling really hard, anticipating the fun that is to come. 


It bends and turns until you can see the main trail in the clearing…


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…


Finally the path comes out onto the main trail – look how pretty!


It was so beautiful out there today – bright blue skies and trees and grass turning GREEN again.


The dogs were in German Shorthaired Pointer heaven!  They are hunting dogs by breed, and they love the woods and trails.


This is my favorite spot along the trail – I call it "the proposal spot."  The whole trail is lined with woods and trees, except for this one teeny tiny area where there is a beautiful clearing.  You can’t see it from the picture, but the clearing overlooks the creek down below.  I always want to see someone on bended knee when I pass by!


Eventually the main trail ends, and we enter another windy path through the woods…


Which curves around and finally brings us back up to the busy main road, boooo.


But even on the busier main streets, beautiful spring was everywhere!  There are PINK trees all around us in Charlotte right now!


And gorgeous white blossoms under clear blue skies…


Door to door, it is about 3.5 miles – not bad for a leisurely walk.  Can you tell I love being outdoors?  It has officially reached that time of year where I will no longer be inside during daylight.  A few kids came to our door today selling 3lb tubs of cookie dough – gulp.  I resisted the dough, but gave them a donation instead, and then told them to make sure they "play outside today!"  They assured me that they would.  My kids are going to be locked out of the house from sun up to sun down in the summers!

Off to enjoy the last few hours of sunshine, and experiment with a new GRAIN for dinner…