Healthy Travels.

No food pictures today because I haven’t really eaten anything.  I just cannot kick this bug that got me last weekend – food poisoning sucks!  My stomach feels like it has rocks in it, and I have zero appetite.  Hoping once again, to wake up feeling normal tomorrow.  But onto more fun things!

I am all packed up and ready to hit the road tomorrow!  Looking forward to a beautiful day of driving, an iPod loaded with nutrition podcasts (nerd alert), and the ultimate road trip necessity – HEALTHY SNACKS.

It is hard enough to find healthy food when you’re out on the road, but throw vegetarian in there too, and there is next to nothing.  We have been hungry and helpless waaaay too many times, and finally learned our lesson to start packing all our goods.  I spent this evening getting our road feast together!

I got some Dave’s Killer Bread to sample just in time for the opening of my kitchen counter peanut butter and jelly assembly line…

IMG_3079 (800x600)

Check out all those yummy grains and seeds – looking forward to trying this!  (And when I get back from my weekend trip, I’ll have a fun giveaway from Dave for YOU guys – check back!)

IMG_3080 (800x600)

That, my friends, is a gigantic stack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

IMG_3081 (800x600)

50% apricot + 50% blackberry = 100% amazing

IMG_3083 (800x600)

Before you think we are the biggest road trip pigs ever, I made so many sandwiches because I am planning in advance for the 8 hour trip there, fuel for our 17 mile run, and the 8 hour trip home!

IMG_3084 (800x600)

I also peeled a bunch of oranges and put them in a tub.  Oranges are one of my favorite snacks, but they are no fun to peel, and I hate dealing with lots of messy car trash.  Pre-peeling = problem solved!

IMG_3089 (800x600)

In an attempt to make more homemade granola bars today, Casey ended up just making homemade granola.  :)  Just as good, right? I can eat my weight in granola, but in order to avoid just that, I weighed out 60 gram servings into individual containers.

IMG_3088 (800x600)

A healthy feast for the road!

IMG_3086 (800x600)

All packed up and ready to go!  Now if I can just keep the dogs from getting into this for the next 12 hours…

IMG_3092 (800x600)

I’m off to go see if there is anything in the kitchen that sounds even remotely stomach-able.  I need to get my appetite back SOON if I’m going to try to run 17 miles this weekend!

Don’t forget – today is the LAST DAY to enter the FoodTee giveaway!!  Winner announced tomorrow morning, whohooo!