Pushups, Plyometrics, & Pancakes!

What a fun afternoon!!  I braved the snow just long enough to go out for dog food, and shortly after I got home, Kath arrived!  Casey had his late night class today, so Kath and I had plans for a girls only home-cooked meal.  But first we had to earn it in the GYM!

IMG_3022 (800x600)

We used free weights, exercise balls, and the chin up bar for an intense circuit of weight lifting and plyometrics.  We did a plyometrics set between every two strength sets to keep our heart rates up, and keep things interesting.  The side hops and burpees nearly killed me!

IMG_3024 (800x600)

As I told Kath this afternoon, when I first started losing weight a few years ago, weight lifting was essential to my progress.  I truly believe there is only so much that cardio can do for your body.  The increased muscle and strength I had gave my metabolism a huge boost, so I was burning what felt like double the calories for half the work.  Not to mention how much better my cardio workouts got with the extra strength behind them.

While any weight lifting is better than nothing, I’ve also found that girls tend to underestimate how much they can lift.  You are stronger than you think you are!  The heavier the weight, the better the effect.  I love the feeling I have after a good hard weight set. 

After two rounds of the circuit, our muscles were drained, but we still had energy.  We decided to brave the scary cold and snow, and bundled up for a short run with the pups!  We jogged 2.25 miles through my neighborhood, and felt good and ready for showers and dinner when we got home.  Kath claims to not be a dog person, but Huey and Indy did their best to win her over…

IMG_3005 (800x600)

After showers we got started on our dinner.  Kath had been wanting to try SAVORY pancakes, and I for one will never turn down a pancake.  We prepped all our veggies…

IMG_3008 (800x600)

And sautéed them on the side – black beans with tomatoes, corn, and bell peppers (with spinach thrown in at the very end!)

IMG_3009 (800x600)

And a few extra veggies stirred into the pancake mix – yum!

IMG_3010 (800x600)

Food bloggers hard at work…

IMG_3011 (800x600)

IMG_3012 (800x600)

These turned out AWESOME!  Three delicious pancakes topped with plain Chobani, a yummy black bean and corn salsa that was sent to Kath (from Cincinnati!), and a side of beans and veggies.

IMG_3014 (800x600)

IMG_3020 (800x600)

IMG_3016 (800x600)

IMG_3015 (800x600)

I spy…

IMG_3017 (800x600)

We had so much fun enjoying our food and chatting that we both realized we were getting FULL before we were finished.  I think it was because I took time to talk and eat, and let my STOMACH catch up, rather than watch TV and zone out like I usually do.  Two nights in a row that I’m out of the clean plate club – who am I?

By the way, in case you liked my cute FOOD TEE tonight, check back tomorrow morning because I am giving one away – win the shirt of your choice!


Now Casey is home and I am hoping the Biggest Loser is finally back on after an Olympic hiatus.  Looking forward to another day of spring break slothing tomorrow!