The Silver Lining.

This morning’s run seemed like the perfect temperatures to finally bust out my running SLEEVES!

IMG_3622 (800x600)

I bought these back in November, but it has been too cold for me to wear them until now.  They are supposed to increase your circulation when you’re running.  I also like how they provide an additional layer of warmth without the bulkiness of an additional layer of fabric.

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Casey and I got to the trail early, and did a speedy 5.5 miles – we also dropped a water bottle off at the 2.75 mile marker so that we would have some hydration out on the trail.

I try not to complain too much on the blog, because I know you guys don’t need to read about my daily sniffles and aches.  But for the past few days I’ve had a pretty nagging chest cough, that was much worse and more productive when I woke up this morning.  I was really nervous about trying to run so far with such little lung capacity.  In hindsight I should have been a LOT more prepared.

Today’s run was pretty much a total disaster.  The first 5.5 with Casey were okay, but I could tell my lungs were really struggling.  It had warmed up a lot, so I ended up ditching the sleeves, but I really liked running with them!  I warned Kath as soon as we got started that I was slow and coughing quite a bit.  She was understanding and fabulous, and we ran a little slower than our usual pace in order to help me breathe a little easier.  I did alright until mile ten, and then my lungs basically gave out on me.  I told Kath to run ahead to the turn around point, and I would walk for a few minutes and catch up to her.

For the rest of the run, I alternated running and walking, and tried to keep pushing myself as hard as I could.  There was a lot of internal monologue going on!  Finally with 2.75 miles to go, I told Kath to run ahead and finish without me.  I felt like absolute crap, and knowing that I was holding her back made me feel even worse.  I hate dragging other people down on bad days!

The last 2.5 miles were pure torture.  I was sooo completely dehydrated, and had NO sources for water (bottle was empty).  Between yesterday’s intensely sweaty hot yoga session, and a bit of stomach trouble this morning (I will spare details), I was completely under hydrated for today’s run.

With about 2 miles to go, I started to get really upset.  But I forced myself to stop thinking so negatively, and find the silver lining in the mess.  I felt much better when I realized that this run was going to be a major turning point for me. 

I finally realized that I am not a superhero.  I don’t know when or why I decided that I no longer needed to pay attention to hydrating and fueling during runs, but it is absurd, and it stops NOW!

When I used to run in Cincinnati, I would have all sorts of plans for water stops, and I would carry goo and beans with me and follow a fuel strategy.  Why did I ever stop doing that?  Today was the kick in the pants that I needed.  It is completely insane to think that I could go run 18 miles with NO fuel and about five sips of water.  Never again!

It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t quite 18, but I’m still really proud of finishing strong, and not letting myself get too down.  Hoping my lungs heal quickly this week, and allow me to have some redemption next weekend.

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  Back at the house, we quickly blended up lunch.  The smoothie master in action!

IMG_3627 (800x600)

A green bowl of goodness – kale, bananas, tofu (!), chia seeds, dry oatmeal, clover honey, Almond Breeze, and a little Super food drink mix that Kath brought over…

IMG_3628 (800x600)

Topped with vanilla Galaxy granola – very good stuff!

IMG_3629 (800x600)

IMG_3630 (800x600)

As pretty as the new table is, we had a better lunch spot picked out today – the backyard HOT TUB!  It felt soooooooo good to sit in and relax our muscles after such a long run. 

IMG_3633 (800x598)

The three of us relaxed and ate and soaked for a while.  I never wanted to get out!

IMG_3634 (800x598)

After showers, Kath and I hit the couch to watch Michael Pollan on Oprah (recorded from last week).  I actually thought it was really disappointing – very surface level information, and no real tips for the audience to take home.  I do really want to get Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet though – I love her!

Now I am SORE and TIRED!  Off to be lazy and find more to eat…


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