X-Ray Friday.

OUCH – what a morning!  Even though I had NO plans for the whole day, I was up at 5:45am for an early morning YOGA date with Kath and Tanner.  Since this is supposed to be a blog about being healthy, I’ve tried not to write too much about my recent ailments.  Backing up to Tuesday, I woke up with sharp, stabbing pain on my right side, that worsened every time I coughed.  I thought that my violent coughing spells of the previous week may have caused me to pull a muscle, and I thought that yoga this morning might help streeeeetch it out.  Boy was I wrong! 

I limped out of yoga back to Kath’s house for an amazing oatmeal breakfast…

2010-03-26 002 (800x600)

Whipped banana oats with pumpkin, coconut flakes, cacao bliss, vanilla almond butter, and a little bit of Crofter’s.  It was amazing!

2010-03-26 003 (800x600)

This bowl was HUGE and filled me up for hours!

2010-03-26 004 (800x600)

I washed it down with the amazing SPRING BLEND coffee from Fresh Market!  Definitely have to get some of this – such a great flavor.

2010-03-26 006 (800x600)

Drank it in a tiki mug!  I had a collection of tiki cups in college just like this.

2010-03-26 007 (600x800)

I stayed at Kath’s for a bit, enjoying breakfast and chatting.  We discussed our race strategy for our upcoming half marathon in just a few weeks.  I decided that since I was in the area, I would go ahead and drive the course…

2010-03-26 009 (800x600)

Definitely some MAJOR hills in the 7-8 mile zone, but nothing we can’t handle with a little preparation.  On my drive home, I stopped (don’t worry I wasn’t in motion!) to take a picture of the beautiful cherry blossoms lining the streets here.  They are EVERYWHERE!  I love it. 

2010-03-26 017 (800x600)

On my way home from Kath’s, I stopped at a CVS Minute Clinic to finally see someone about my chest cough and the new addition of sharp side pain.  The nice lady there referred me to a general practitioner, where I spent THREE hours this afternoon (reason I am posting so freaking late!).  I have literally spent my entire day in waiting rooms, ugh.  Very long story short, I got a chest x-ray which determined that I have pleurisy, an inflammation of the membranes and lining of my lungs.  NOT the great news I had hoped for…

I have a lot of medical allergies – penicillin, amoxicillin, erythromycin – all the big ones.  So my doctor decided to treat it as if it was pneumonia, and gave me a prescription I haven’t taken before.  He freaked me out be going on and on about possible reactions and interactions, and all that could go wrong.  Then he prescribed me Prednisone, a steroid,  and warned me that it might make me very jittery and anxious and give me bad nightmares.  I was literally in tears in the doctor’s office!  I explained to him that my husband is out of town, and that I was super freaked out to take these while I’m by myself.  He assured me that it was okay, but I am waiting to start the steroids until Casey gets here.  I don’t want to have horrible nightmares when I’m all alone! 

I am COMPLETELY bummed that his means yet another weekend long run I can’t do.  I am tired of being sedentary and having no lung capacity, and I am just plain SICK of being SICK!  Okay, end rant.  I promise. 

I feel like a bad running partner because I had to cancel on Kath again, but I know it is the only option.  Here’s hoping that ONE more week off of running will be enough to let my lungs heal, and that I’ll still have enough time to get the right training in for my races. 

Let’s end on a better note – shall we?  Check out the amazing picture Casey sent me from the desk of his condo out in Lake Tahoe…


Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I am so jealous!!  Sounds like he
is having an amazing time.  I can’t wait for him to come home and tell me all about it!  I’m off to Walgreens to pick up my drugs, and then home to relax and heal.  Happy weekend!