‘Twas the Night Before Racefest…

Earlier this week, I discovered a little snafu with my race registration for tomorrow’s Racefest Half Marathon.  The snafu being…I never registered – whoops!  When I was looking back through my confirmation emails, I realized I had one for the Flying Pig, but not for Racefest.  How did I overlook this?? 

I called down to Charlotte Running Co. (thank god) before I drove there, just to make sure they were still taking registrations, only to find out that they had decided to cap in-store registrations, and that there were only 200 coveted spots left.  Rather than just let the last 200 spots get taken up with normal entries, they decided to get all dramatic about it and force last minute registrants to partake in a cattle call on Friday at 3pm – less than 24 hours before the race!

Now granted it was totally MY fault that I forgot to register, but regardless, this was definitely the most poorly organized race registration/packet pick up I have ever seen.  Nervous about there only being 200 spots left, Casey and I got there an hour early only to find this…

IMG_4738 (800x600)

A large line of people already waiting – both people needing to register as well as people who had already registered.  What kind of packet pickup/expo doesn’t open until 3pm before race day?  And forces pre-registrants to wait in the same line as the folks who actually remembered to register?  Thank god we got there when we did, because over the course of the next hour the line grew out of the building and wrapped around the corner.  While we waited, we filled out our registrations…

IMG_4739 (800x600)

IMG_4741 (800x600)

And hung out and people watched.  I always like seeing who else is running!  It was a very long hour of waiting…. 

IMG_4742 (800x600)

Finally at 3, the doors opened and the lines started moving.  At that point they finally decided to split the pre- and day-of registrants into two lines, which ended up creating even more chaos.  We finally got inside the registration room to find this…

IMG_4743 (800x600)

People everywhere!  Literally wall to wall with no room.  I was so glad to grab my packet and leave.  Check out the line still wrapped around the building when we left – and that was after we were there for two hours!  Note to Racefest directors next year – do NOT wait until 3pm to open packet pickup the day before the race!

IMG_4744 (800x600)

When we got home, I checked out the loot.  Bib number and timing chip – an even number!  Must be a good sign…

IMG_4745 (800x600)

And I present to you… the world’s ugliest running t-shirt!  :)

IMG_4746 (800x600)

Seriously, I mean I hate to sound so negative, but how SCARY is that sun?  He looks like he is going to eat the runners!  I look forward to sleeping in this.

IMG_4747 (800x600)

Because the race is so early in the morning, we’ll be getting up even earlier for fueling and getting ready.  We want to get to bed really early tonight, so we had an early bird special dinner, prepared by Master Chef Casey Malone. 

Tonight’s dinner was a healthy vegetarian spin on burgers and fries.  Casey made these amazing burgers out of the Thrive book – a combo of almonds, mung beans, flax seed, hemp protein, and coconut oil.  They were fairly calorie dense, but more importantly, really nutrient dense and absolutely delicious. 

IMG_4749 (800x600)

Casey has been on fire in the kitchen this week.  I need to step it up or I am going to start feeling like I have no purpose here!  :)  Homemade burgers = awesome.

IMG_4751 (800x600)

On the side we had oven roasted potatoes sprinkled with a roasted vegetable spice blend.  Delicious, and mostly used as a ketchup delivery device. 

IMG_4752 (800x600)

For color – a crisp salad!  Cucumbers, mushrooms, and orange bell pepper on a bed of peppery arugula, mmmm.

IMG_4753 (800x600)

With a creamy homemade dressing made with nutritional yeast – love this stuff!

IMG_4754 (800x600)

Running fuel – let’s hope this lasts 13.1 miles tomorrow!

IMG_4755 (800x600)

Going into to tomorrow’s race I feel pretty good.  I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m trying not to over think it and to just run my best, whatever that is at this point.  My plan is to start with Kath, and hopefully finish together!  No matter what happens, I’m proud of myself for moving past the let down of getting sick, and for not letting the disappointment get the best of me. 

Here goes nothing…