16 Mile Run and a Night of Goodbye Fun.

First lesson learned with new Camelback – it is very awkward to wear while driving…

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We ran much earlier today because Kath was meeting her sister for a fun brunch date during our normal running time.  So I was up at 6am to start fueling for the run.  We got to the trail around 8:30 and I got ready to mentally prepare myself for 16 long miles.

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Shortly after we arrived, Kath got there and I decided it was sunny enough to ditch the North Face.  Technically today should have been a shorter run for me, because on a normal marathon training schedule you would do a 3 week taper.  But since my training has been a pile o’ crap, I decided I needed one more solid long run now that my lungs are close to healed.  I decided 16 was a good mid-range number, and I was thrilled that Kath was going to run the first 10 with me!

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The run went pretty well.  Matt joined us at mile 4, which was fun, and we all ran and chatted along the greenway on a beautiful morning.  Around mile 8 I started to have some stomach issues, so I let Kath and Matt run ahead while I took a short walking break.  I met up with Casey during the last mile, and we finished mile 10 together. 

I’m having mixed feelings on the Camelbak.  Today was my first long run wearing it, and with the pouch completely full with all 50 ounces of liquid it felt so heavy on my back.  Maybe I just need to get used to it, but I kind of felt like I was wearing a weighted vest while I was running.  For now, I’m remaining undecided…

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After finishing ten miles on the trail and seeing what a beautiful day it had become, we decided to jump in the car and run the last 6 miles at home with the dogs.  We grabbed them and ran 2.5 miles around the neighborhood, but they were too hot to do much more.  We dropped them off and then I set off for a solo 4 miles (and ditched the Camelbak), and finished up on my favorite trail – bringing my total run to 16 miles!

After lunch, I got to work on making two salads to take to a goodbye party tonight.  In the middle of mincing olives, I somehow managed to cut my right ring finger pretty deeply.  Lots of blood and a few tears.  :(

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I felt sorry for myself for about ten minutes, and then got back to chopping.  Eventually we ended up with two delicious salads, if I do say so myself.

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I wanted to take cold salads to the dinner party because I thought it would be easiest for both transporting and serving.  Plus now that it’s so warm outside, cold salads are my thing.  Inside bowl #1 – my delicious quinoa tabouli salad that I made a few weeks ago.  Didn’t change a thing other than the addition of parsley, because this time I had it and last time I was too lazy to go get it.  This was even better the second time around!

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Bowl #2 contained a hybrid of two different salads that I love.  There is an old bean salad recipe that I got from my cousin and have been making since college called Texas Caviar.  I took the concept of that salad and added it to the Cold Vegetable Summer Salad that Casey made a few weeks ago.  The combination was delicious!

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I thought both salads were a success, and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone at dinner tonight.  I took ZERO pictures at dinner because I felt more like being a sore runner than a dedicated blogger.  But I assure you there was a lot of good food, and even better company.  We were wishing friends Justin and Amanda goodbye before they pack up and move to Las Vegas next weekend – so sad since we just moved here and found this great group of friends!  But we plan on visiting them often, since we are both big Vegas fans.


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With that, I’m off to bed – I have to be at school early again tomorrow, booooo.  Better get to sleep…