Chopped Champion.

Got up early this morning to do a little studying for my final exam before I left for class.  You can tell I was distracted by all my schoolwork because when I woke up this morning there was NO oatmeal in the rice cooker – I forgot to set it last night!  Horrors!  I quickly improvised with the next best thing – PB and banana on rice cakes…

IMG_5272 (800x600)

Sunflower butter on one, peanut butter on the other. 

IMG_5266 (800x600)

Leftover banana nub after cutting the slices.

IMG_5268 (800x600)

Not the same as a decadent and gooey bowl of oats, but it still did the trick!

IMG_5270 (800x600)

When I got to class we took our final exam first thing.  I don’t have my grade yet, but I think I did pretty well.  I am sad to report that I have ZERO production pictures from today’s class :(  Basically the entire day was our practical exam – baking and preparing a plate for our final grade, so I was totally distracted by all the tasks at hand.  Not to mention it was a TIMED event, so students were racing everywhere crashing into each other and making messes.

I seriously felt like I was on an episode of Chopped!  First of all I cut myself early into production, and I had to deal with wearing awkward gloves and finger condoms all day – always a Chopped nightmare.  And then our Chef was literally counting down the final minutes and seconds, and my hands were shaking as I was trying to get it all done.  The good news is that my plate turned out really well, and I got a 97 for my final grade – hurrah – Chopped Champion!!  Luckily I snapped out of it to at least get you guys some pictures of the final plates…

IMG_5275 (800x600)

My lovely chocolate molten cake (with melted chocolate truffle inside), vanilla ice cream in an almond lace cookie shell with a chocolate straw, and two dessert sauces – raspberry coulis and crème anglaise. 

IMG_5276 (800x600)

I was really glad the shells turned out – I had a really hard time getting them shaped.  This was also the first time I had tried putting the slivered almonds in, so I wasn’t sure how it would turned out – thank god it worked!

IMG_5277 (800x600)

The chocolate straw wasn’t one of the required components, and I planned on doing it as an extra if time permitted.  I had some down time while the cakes baked, and I ended up being able to squeeze them in – so glad I did! 

IMG_5279 (800x600)

Delicious chocolate molten cake with powdered sugar sprinkles and fresh raspberries on top.  These were so gooey and delicious – I wish I had taken a picture of the inside cut open!

IMG_5280 (800x600)

Here are a few of my classmates’ plates…

IMG_5281 (800x600)

IMG_5284 (800x600)

IMG_5286 (800x600)

Everyone did a really good job!  That class went by SO quickly – seems like it just started.  Tomorrow is my first day of Classical French Cuisine – supposedly the most difficult class of the entire Culinary Arts curriculum.  I am terrified.

I am counting the minutes until Friday morning, when I’ll be on a plane headed home for a fun best friends birthday celebration weekend!!

Speaking of Chopped, did you see that Food Network is launching a new spinoff channel called The Cooking Channel?  Here’s hoping that in a few short years, one of these channels is looking for a health-conscious vegetarian…