Phyllo Dough-nut.

The first thing we had to do when we got to class today was unmold our Bavarian cream that we made yesterday

IMG_4889 (800x600)

Can you see the frozen pear cube peeking out on the top?  Yum!

IMG_4890 (800x600)

Before we got started, we watched a demo on making pastry cream.  I’m learning that most of dessert/sauce/cream making is exactly the same method of prep, with slightly different measurements of ingredients.  A lot of pouring, tempering, and whisking…

IMG_4891 (800x600) IMG_4892 (800x600) 

And then cooling and storing until ready to use…

IMG_4894 (800x600) IMG_4895 (800x600) 

The pastry cream was stored for tomorrow’s desserts, along with these tart pie crusts.  We made the dough and rolled it out flat, then laid it into these cute little tart molds for baking.

IMG_4912 (800x600) IMG_4922 (800x600)

Before – soft and doughy…

IMG_4913 (800x600)

After – nice and golden brown.  Tomorrow we will fill these with fresh fruit – YUM!

IMG_4933 (800x600)

Every day we make new sauces to add to our daily plate options.  So far we’ve made the fruit coulis and the crème anglaise, and today we added caramel sauce and chocolate sauce.  Sugar caramelizing and bubbling…

IMG_4901 (800x600)

Adding butter and milk to the sauce…

IMG_4902 (800x600)

And finally whisked until smooth!

IMG_4903 (800x600)

The last demo was learning how to work with different types of phyllo dough.  We had phyllo sheets and shredded phyllo to work with , and we were allowed to do any shape or form that we wanted on our plates.

IMG_4906 (800x600)

My partner, Rachel, and I got super creative and decided to make phyllo dough-nuts!

IMG_4907 (800x600)

We used different sizes of biscuit cutters and packed them with shredded phyllo.  Then sprinkled them with sanding sugar and baked for ten minutes…

IMG_4909 (800x600)

Look how CUTE!

IMG_4910 (800x600)

We were working pretty quickly today, so we also made some chocolate straws to garnish our plates.

IMG_4914 (800x600)

As plating time approached, we pulled the Bavarian cream back out of the freezer, and Rachel added a caramel topping, mmmm.

IMG_4915 (800x600)

IMG_4916 (800x600)

Check out our final plate!  I think these turned out awesome.  I was our official “plate designer” today, but my team gave a lot of input and great suggestions.

IMG_4917 (800x600)

Chai vanilla Bavarian cream (with pears inside), with a phyllo dough-nut and a chocolate straw…

IMG_4921 (800x600)

And chocolate piped (by yours truly!) with a crème anglaise sauce and fresh raspberries…

IMG_4919 (800x600)

Definitely some of the best in the class today.  I was really happy with how they turned out!

IMG_4923 (800x600)

Before they headed off to the dining room, I snapped some shots of the plates that the other teams put together just for you guys! :)

IMG_4925 (800x600)

IMG_4926 (800x600)

IMG_4927 (800x600)

IMG_4928 (800x600)

IMG_4931 (800x600)

We had two leftover Bavarian creams at our table, so the sample spoons came out as usual.  Check out the frozen pear surprise inside – love it!

IMG_4929 (800x600)

I have a huge project due on Thursday and I am determined NOT to leave it to the last minute like I always do.  I am a notorious procrastinator!  Off to work on it for a few hours and make some good progress.  Need to be done in time for the return of GLEE tonight – finally!