Recovery Run.

Casey was up early working this morning, and he poked his head into the bedroom around 7am to see if I wanted to get up and take a walk.  An early morning walk in the sunshine was enough to get me out of bed, and we did our favorite 2.5 mile loop around the neighborhood. 

I’ve mentioned recently that Casey and have been reading the Thrive nutrition guide, and a lot of what the book focuses on is fueling and recovering from workouts effectively.  Looks like we did okay yesterday, because my legs felt great this morning – almost no soreness after yesterday’s half marathon

It was the perfect time of day to be out – the air was still cool, birds chirping everywhere, and the rest of the world was still asleep so the neighborhood was all ours.  :)

IMG_4794 (800x588)

We’re trying out something new on Indy – a walking harness!  Both of our dogs have major leash-pulling issues, and in the past we’ve used the metal pinch collars.  Someone (ahem) has gained a few pounds and his pinch collar had gotten a little too tight.  Hopefully lots of walks in this will help him slim down!

IMG_4795 (800x600)

So far the new harness seems  to work really well, and he doesn’t seem to mind putting it on.  I want to take him running in it soon! 

IMG_4796 (800x600)

Back at home, it was definitely an oatmeal kind of morning.

IMG_4797 (800x599)

Enjoyed outside with a fabulous new GREEN spoon!

IMG_4798 (800x600)

Topped with my favorite combo – peanut butter, apricot preserves, raisins, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and agave nectar, mmmmmm.

IMG_4801 (800x600)

IMG_4802 (800x600)

It is beautiful, warm, and sunny outside today, so I took the netbook outside for a little computer time in the sunshine.  We decided we were going to go for an afternoon run, so I had a Vega Vanilla Chai smoothie and a homemade energy bar for lunch.  Perfect running fuel!

IMG_4804 (800x600)

Before my training kind of fell apart, this weekend was originally supposed to be our 20 mile long run for the Flying Pig Marathon.  Since we did the half-marathon yesterday, we decided to go ahead and test out our racing legs for back to back running days.  We headed to our favorite Greenway ready for a sunny and HOT run – almost 80 degrees today!


At first I considered running a slower 7 miles, to bring my weekend mileage up to 20, but there wasn’t going to be quite enough time to fit in the full seven.  So I decided to go for short and FAST rather than long and slow.  My legs creaked a bit when I started running, but I ran through it and loosened up and felt much better.  I ended up clocking 4 miles in at a 8:27 pace – hurrah!  It was HARD to run that fast in the hot sun, but I felt awesome when it was over.

When we got to the top of the trailhead we turned around to go back and meet KATH and Matt – who were out for a walk on the same trail after their picnic lunch! 
Love having friends who love to walk as much as we do.  :)  We walked with them for 20 minutes or so, before heading back to the cars.  Total mileage on the trail ended up being just about 7 miles – perfect!

Back home I was starving from running, so we made an early dinner.  I decided I wanted roasted carrots, but I wanted to try roasting them whole – just as they come.  Didn’t even peel them!  They turned out AMAZING!

IMG_4806 (800x600)

Roasted Whole Carrots – trim ends off of carrots and scrub to wash.  Put in glass baking dish with a tiny bit of olive oil, pepper, and salt.  Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.  Turn carrots, add another spray of olive oil and any additional seasonings (I added lemon pepper) and bake for an additional 30 minutes.  Low and slow heat is key here.  Enjoy!

IMG_4807 (800x600)

IMG_4808 (800x600)

Dinner is served – a vegetarian paradise!

IMG_4810 (800x585)

Roasted carrots and broccoli with portabella mushrooms and the last of our homemade almond and bean burgers.

IMG_4814 (800x600)

Want more of these right now!  Love the wrinkly skins…

IMG_4815 (800x600)

IMG_4816 (800x598)

Three portabella mushrooms and…

IMG_4817 (800x598)

One almond bean burger!  100% delicious.

IMG_4818 (800x595)

Enjoyed outside on the sun porch…

IMG_4819 (800x600)

With my favorite dining partner! 

IMG_4823 (800x600)

After dinner we took the boys for another quick spin around the neighborhood.  They are getting walked a lot more now that it is so nice outside!  Between the 7 miles we ran/walked on the trail, and the 5 miles of dog walking we did today, I’m pretty pleased with moving 12 miles the day after a tough race.  That said, I am now officially sore.  Dogs are definitely  good motivators to go for lots of WALKS!

Don’t they just look so expectant?  Spoiled, I tell you.  Off to hit the couch and gear up for another week of school…